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Motivation is simply the reason that a person has for acting or behaving the way they do. So education is key to knowing what or who we should allow to influence our lives or our behavior.  Once we understand motivation, we will also come to realize that we are personally responsible for making our lives better, and reaching for those things which inspire us to achieve our personal ambitions and goals. You can be motivated to lose weight, save money, or to go to college.  Goals are what is needed to establish your vision, however, you will also need short and long term goals and accomplishments to keep your vision and goals active and alive.  If you hate your past, then don’t repeat it, rather create a new plan of action for your future. It’s okay if you messed things up, or if you feel like you got the short end of the stick. Success begins in the mind, so does motivation, so it’s okay to start over. My goal for every viewer is to help to inspire you to see yourself in the purest form of success, which is never giving up on you, and never quitting your vision.