How to get your Happy Back in 3 Steps!

Joy is simply a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. It can also be lost very quickly when you don’t protect it.  It’s perfectly okay to share your life and experiences with those you love.  But….. be very careful about allowing external forces to steal and swallow up your happiness.happy

Below are three steps that will help you to restore your happiness


  • Remember that no one is capable of taking your joy unless you allow them to. If you have lost your sense of joy and peace, then it’s time to get it back.  Making daily affirmations that you are in control of your happiness, and will protect it with your life is the first step.
  • Believe what you confess, and know that words are more than just verbal commands, they are forces that create your destiny, which also goes forward to generate what you confess.  Therefore, start today by recreating a garrison of protection around your destiny, and take back what negative life experiences has stolen.
  • This restoration process is very serious and requires tenacity and consistency. Think revival, rallying, recovery, and rejuvenation.  Starting every day with the declaration that your happiness is restored and protected will get you well on your way to full restoration. Remember……  you are what~ and who~ you say you are, so choose your words wisely!


Is your Life Strategy Engaged?

Strategy ~ A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem.


  • Be strategic about your life goals, don’t leave them to chance.
  • Strategy should be the shelter for your life plans, nothing penetrates it.
  • Strategy can be an individual or group effort; utilize other’s knowledge when possible, but dedicate yourself to your personal achievement.



  • Strategy is like a puzzle, there are many pieces, so be precise and meticulous.
  • Don’t be distracted by how many pieces are in the puzzle, with commitment, every piece has a distinct role, and is designed to come together perfectly.
  • Don’t depend on others to motivate you, be innovative and look for exclusivity when possible, it sets you apart from the competition.
  • Don’t expect to have all the pieces, you don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great!


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Bullying ~ what does this really mean for your child? By ~ Lifesmart2017


Bullying ~ is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children (can also mean adults ) that involves a real or perceived imbalance of power. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.

In the onset of social media, bullying has become more of a buzz word than in past years.

America is outraged at how uncontrolled bullying has become, and children all over the world are experiencing this unwanted and brutal treatment on a regular basis. Although this is certainly nothing new, schools have launched anti-bullying campaigns all over American to combat these hideous acts of violence against students, which can be mental, emotional, or physical abuse. This imbalance of power doesn’t mean that the person being bullied has to be the smaller or weaker person, it can also mean that other classmates have found an area of weakness that includes behavior that is aggressive and unwanted.  In today’s era of social media, your child can be bullied without a classmate ever even saying a word to them in person. While our social media avenues are wonderful for communicating with friends &  family, networking, broadcasting and news, and other forms of sharing, it can “as you know”,  also be used to bully and abuse others. Therefore, bullying has many faces, not just fighting or being attacked physically.  So let’s talk about how to keep your child safe, and how to keep regular and healthy dialogue with your child.



  • Talk with your child on a regular basis, and ask questions about if they feel safe or not. This should be done from kindergarten through senior high school.
  • Monitor your child’s social media accounts, and keep an eye out for abusive behavior, not only toward your child, but also any bullying that originated from your child.
  • Review the school’s Anti-Bullying guidelines with your child.
  • Bullying has no age limit, and can start as early as kindergarten, so talk with your child about how to recognize this behavior, so that early resolution can be made.
  • Unfortunately, the fact that your child is not allowed in a particular clique, is not in itself considered bullying.
  • Hazing is also a form of bullying, report it!
  • Remember, the school is only an extension of you, and will not be able to see and recognize every act of bullying, therefore you must educate your child on the importance of reporting the behavior, if they feel like they are being bullied.
  • The school is not privy to every word this is being said to your child, and not every encounter that your child has with a bully will actually meet the bench-mark of actual bullying, but it’s okay to err on the side of caution, and report this behavior.
  • Be careful when attempting to interpret the bullying statistics that indicate that the schools are sitting back aimlessly allowing this behavior.  School leaders are vehemently opposed to this behavior and are working to find resolutions, however without notice, the school will not be able to intervene.
  • Think about bullying like this… if you as a parent has no notice of the bullying, how would the school have notice?  Bullying can be very quiet, and insidious, and has to be exposed by the victim if the behavior is to be addressed.
  • Understand that in order to reduce this horrible behavior, the victim has to report this behavior to the parents, who has to give immediate notice to the school, and the school has to take action immediately.
  • Check your student handbook for Anti-Bullying information, and if your school does not have one, contact the Principal right away to demand that the school implement this code of ethics.




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So What I’m Fatter Than You!

beauty1According to government statistics, Americans overemphasize being thin.  Walking into a store gives you a quick glimpse of mannequins in the classic size 0, 2, 4, which is the quintessential American model.  Although America has at least conceded that full-size models are acceptable, (mind you full size is size 8 and up) it is clear that America loves skinny. Preference in size in itself is not a problem, because people like what they like, and that is perfectly okay as long as it doesn’t interfere or infringe on another person’s healthy confidence. Some Parents are now teaching their children (mainly daughters) that anything over-size 2 is considered fat, and deprivation is becoming more and more acceptable as a standard setting module, as it relates to food. My friend’s daughter who is a beautiful size 6 (5 feet 7 inches), believes that she is obese, and starves herself because her classmates consider her fat. On the other hand, there are some size 0 people who are ship wrecking their metabolism by starving themselves and purging after a meal. Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes, which represents real beauty in all its splendor !! On the other hand, this beauty image that America has created is despicable and unhealthy for our youth and is a dangerous diversion away from other real success modules that should set the standard for Mental, Emotional, Academic, Spiritual, and Physical Health. Confidence should exude from every human being regardless of their size. The most egregious part of the entire model that America has created is that the actual people who are responsible for creating the model for beauty don’t fit the build themselves, making it even more disingenuous.

  • Seek to love yourself not your size .
  • Your size only matters if it means your health is or will be compromised.
  • Reject implications that your size determines your beauty.
  • Look into the mirror everyday and tell yourself “my success is not predicated on my size, and never will be”.
  • No one is better than me because they are skinnier than me, no way!
  • I am great because I nurture not only my intellect, soul, spirit, but also my lovely body no matter the size.

*reference “who is that daunting image that you see in the mirror”

Don’t let your yesterday’s mistakes ruin your tomorrow’s potential! (TIPS)


We have regrets ranging from just being a mediocre student to making that horrible decision to break the law.  Regardless of what you have done wrong in your life, being alive, and free, gives you a fresh opportunity to change your destiny. Most defeats in life are first conceived in the mind and can either continue to live there or can be eradicated by your refusal to embrace it. Therefore first dispelling thoughts of failure and declaring war on defeat that has taken up occupancy in your mind, is just the beginning to pursuing your new opportunities.  (reference ~  6 ways to reclaim your life after a failed endeavor @

  • Cease reflecting on your mistakes, they simply are reminders of failure.
  • Remember that your past mistakes do not define you or your future.
  • Never let anyone hold you hostage based on your past, release those misgivings.
  • Everyday is a new opportunity for success, so seize every moment.
  • Remember if there were no such thing as second chances, the entire world would cease to exist anymore.
  • Your past can be your strength or your weakness, you get to choose.
  • Believing in your ability to capitalize on your future, is far more productive than reflecting on your past indiscretions which will eventually ship wreck your confidence.

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5 Ways to Grace yourself through life!


My personal interpretation of Grace is that it is the most valuable yet understated word in the entire world.  Grace ~ To show honor or credit to someone or something without them deserving it.

Since we all know there are times when we would cut out portions of our lives that include people who have offended us or slighted us in some way, this article was created specifically for you. Grace was not created to establish a way to escape the experiences that make life complicated, it was created to provide purpose to your challenges, and to create substantive opportunities in this laboratory of life to remove unnecessary impurities which can ultimately hold us back and restrict us from being our best.  Let’s look at 5 ways to Grace yourself through life.

  1. Consider that most issues are blown out of portion, and  almost always appear worse than they actually are.
  2. Take the “This too shall pass” mentality with misunderstandings. Don’t over think things.
  3. Give people in your life a second chance to make it right.  The human body and mind is not designed to be perfect, and falters often, but sometimes with good intentions.
  4. Take notes on how other people’s differences complement yours, and be open to accepting people from different cultures and walks of life, especially when they endeavor to be productive.
  5. Let grace consume your thoughts, on a daily basis, instead of letting the instinctive nature be a precursor to unforgiveness which ultimately destroys the entire foundation of one of the most powerful words that exist “Grace.”

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Can You See with your Eyes Closed?



We have heard that your eyes are the windows to your soul, but closing them too often could mean limited or distorted vision. There is both scientific and theoretical supposition as to the role our eyes play in focusing. Did you know that we close our eyes approximately 28,000 times per day, that’s 10% of your day being utilized in the blinking state?  Scientists believe that blinking can be instinctive, although a more recent study shows that blinking occurs when we are taking an introspective rest.   That can mean either you are bored or giving your eyes and brain a brief moment to rest and focus. Now, let’s look at this from a fundamental stand point, and how we can apply this to our everyday lives. Taking too many mental breaks, taking your eyes off the prize, or allowing your mind to wander and lose focus, can mean that you are bored far too much. It could also mean that you need to use that 90% of open eye time to read, study, plan, and strategize your next life move. 


Success does have legs, but the legs won’t grow without nourishment.  That means cultivating your dreams without losing your focus, and without allowing anything to make you look away.  Another component to focusing is never blaming anyone for what you are responsible for.  Think about some of the most successful people in the world.  Have you noticed that they never look bored?  Let’s take Oprah Winfrey for instance, I have studied her posture for years, and this is my conclusion.  What’s so absolutely distinct about her is that she has the rare ability to make every person in her presence feel like they are the only person in the room.  That concentration and skill have rendered her one of the most successful women in America.  Powerful right?   That conclusion also supports the theory that firm focus on your life goals is one of the most emotionally charged

elements of success. Closing your eyes too often to avoid looking at life challenges won’t make them go away, instead, it clouds your visual stimuli. Even if you really want to look away, don’t.  Stare life challenges right in the face!  What does all this mean for your life?  It simply means that too much resting of the eyes trains your brain to be lazy, and not to function at its best.    Check out these facts that will surprise you about your potential.


th0EJJSRFQ.jpg                                                                       ~ FOCUS ~

Everyone is born with only gums, and no teeth, although we all have the same blue print for growth.  By late teens, the average person has all their adult teeth that number is 32.  This just means the potential is the same, but it depends heavily on how you nurture and protect them.

Did you know that the average person has between 640 – 800 plus muscles in the body?  There are three types including Skeletal, Visceral, and Cardiac. That is just another example that proves most of us have the same ability, although some people keep the muscles toned and healthy by exercising, while others fail to nurture the muscles, allowing them to become unhealthy and weak.

Although we are born with different levels of aptitude, the average person utilizes their brain in very different ways. Meaning, determining how you use your brain is pertinent to achieving the success that you desire.  When going forward, think about the importance of keeping your focus on valuable life commodities, and don’t sleep too long, you may miss your opportunities.

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Impact Thursday!


Friday doesn’t mean you stop working, it means that you stop working at work, only to continue building your own dynasty.  Timing out means the clock starts over, so take short breaks instead, and use your free time to enhance your own greatness!


Life Passes Quickly, It’s Your Move!


Remember your Parents or Grandparents saying “looks like that was just yesterday”? That is not just a figure of speech.  Life moves quickly like a 50-yard dash, although it can sometimes feel like a marathon when it has no direction. How you approach your life, determines your destiny, and your destiny determines your legacy. Waiting abstracts the nutrients from your life roots, which leaves your destiny thirsty and malnourished. There are fundamental requirements needed to keep your life moving in an upward and abundant momentum, and procrastinating on providing your life with the next chess move can prove to be detrimental.  Let’s look at some essential tips to assist you with your journey.

•    Successful people don’t take breaks, they take opportunities to seize the day.
•    Waking up just an hour early to plan, gives you the upper hand on the competition.
•    Aspiration, Hope, Ambition is primary, Inspiration is secondary!
•    Get to know yourself, and don’t be afraid to identify and attack your areas of weakness.
•    Don’t depend on anyone to make your success a reality, that’s your job.
•    Waiting for the right moment to put feet to your vision, is like waiting to drink water when you are thirsty.  Delay is Destiny’s arch-enemy!
•    Be a Trendsetter, not an Outlier
•    Everyone has a unique and idiosyncratic gift, identify yours and begin the development process.
•    This may sound cliché, but… see yourself being as successful as your idols.  They are people just like you who decided that just being good, isn’t good enough! They strived for Greatness!
•    Don’t leave your life “Under Construction” forever, finish the project, and keep maintenance in full force!