How to get your Happy Back in 3 Steps!

Joy is simply a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. It can also be lost very quickly when you don’t protect it.  It’s perfectly okay to share your life and experiences with those you love.  But….. be very careful about allowing external forces to steal and swallow up your happiness.happy

Below are three steps that will help you to restore your happiness


  • Remember that no one is capable of taking your joy unless you allow them to. If you have lost your sense of joy and peace, then it’s time to get it back.  Making daily affirmations that you are in control of your happiness, and will protect it with your life is the first step.
  • Believe what you confess, and know that words are more than just verbal commands, they are forces that create your destiny, which also goes forward to generate what you confess.  Therefore, start today by recreating a garrison of protection around your destiny, and take back what negative life experiences has stolen.
  • This restoration process is very serious and requires tenacity and consistency. Think revival, rallying, recovery, and rejuvenation.  Starting every day with the declaration that your happiness is restored and protected will get you well on your way to full restoration. Remember……  you are what~ and who~ you say you are, so choose your words wisely!


Dead end job?….. What’s behind door # 2?

Discovering your purpose as it relates to your career can be difficult when you did not plan properly.  One of the main issues being that most people don’t just wake up one day and decide they want to have a low paying stressful job that is un-rewarding, or a job that taxes the body so much that it is debilitating after only 10 years or so. Typically, those jobs are acquired due to the need for income, and the need to make ends meet.  Therefore, strategic planning is pertinent to assuring that you can secure a career this is both financially, and emotionally rewarding. College, technical school, and entrepreneurship planning are ways to secure a more stable  and financially sound future for both you and your family. Additionally, duplicating those plans for your children are equally as important.  It is never too late to change the direction of your career, and to get you on track to building a stable financial future and gratifying career. If you feel that you are in a dead-end job, take a look at the list below.



  • Don’t put off making the decision to change careers, time is money!
  • If the dreaded blues of waking up every morning to go to work plagues you, then you are in a dead-end job. Take action, it’s time to revamp your career.
  • Take an introspective evaluation of what you love to do, and what you do well, and follow your heart.  Doing what you love, makes going to work feel pleasant and rewarding.
  • Evaluate the financial aspect of how much money you want to earn, and how you prefer to live, including securing a sound future for yourself and family.
  • Choose a career that you can “age into”. Meaning one that age and experience is valued, and coveted. That way you are less likely to be booted out when you are post 50 plus, by a less experienced person.

door number s


  • Choose a career that the preparation (ie: college funding, etc) is commensurate  with the pay that you will receive.  That way you won’t stay upside down too long as it relates to paying off any subsequent student loans or funding that is needed to secure your degree or certification.
  • Don’t be fearful of the challenge that lies ahead.  Anything that is worth having is worth fighting for.  Don’t be deceived by someone else’s success. Successful people make success look easy.
  • Nothing in life is free!  There is a cost associated with every level of success, so put the measuring stick away, and evoke your aspiration instead!
  • Be a door opener, not a door holder!


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Can You See with your Eyes Closed?



We have heard that your eyes are the windows to your soul, but closing them too often could mean limited or distorted vision. There is both scientific and theoretical supposition as to the role our eyes play in focusing. Did you know that we close our eyes approximately 28,000 times per day, that’s 10% of your day being utilized in the blinking state?  Scientists believe that blinking can be instinctive, although a more recent study shows that blinking occurs when we are taking an introspective rest.   That can mean either you are bored or giving your eyes and brain a brief moment to rest and focus. Now, let’s look at this from a fundamental stand point, and how we can apply this to our everyday lives. Taking too many mental breaks, taking your eyes off the prize, or allowing your mind to wander and lose focus, can mean that you are bored far too much. It could also mean that you need to use that 90% of open eye time to read, study, plan, and strategize your next life move. 


Success does have legs, but the legs won’t grow without nourishment.  That means cultivating your dreams without losing your focus, and without allowing anything to make you look away.  Another component to focusing is never blaming anyone for what you are responsible for.  Think about some of the most successful people in the world.  Have you noticed that they never look bored?  Let’s take Oprah Winfrey for instance, I have studied her posture for years, and this is my conclusion.  What’s so absolutely distinct about her is that she has the rare ability to make every person in her presence feel like they are the only person in the room.  That concentration and skill have rendered her one of the most successful women in America.  Powerful right?   That conclusion also supports the theory that firm focus on your life goals is one of the most emotionally charged

elements of success. Closing your eyes too often to avoid looking at life challenges won’t make them go away, instead, it clouds your visual stimuli. Even if you really want to look away, don’t.  Stare life challenges right in the face!  What does all this mean for your life?  It simply means that too much resting of the eyes trains your brain to be lazy, and not to function at its best.    Check out these facts that will surprise you about your potential.


th0EJJSRFQ.jpg                                                                       ~ FOCUS ~

Everyone is born with only gums, and no teeth, although we all have the same blue print for growth.  By late teens, the average person has all their adult teeth that number is 32.  This just means the potential is the same, but it depends heavily on how you nurture and protect them.

Did you know that the average person has between 640 – 800 plus muscles in the body?  There are three types including Skeletal, Visceral, and Cardiac. That is just another example that proves most of us have the same ability, although some people keep the muscles toned and healthy by exercising, while others fail to nurture the muscles, allowing them to become unhealthy and weak.

Although we are born with different levels of aptitude, the average person utilizes their brain in very different ways. Meaning, determining how you use your brain is pertinent to achieving the success that you desire.  When going forward, think about the importance of keeping your focus on valuable life commodities, and don’t sleep too long, you may miss your opportunities.

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6 Ways to Reclaim Your Life after a Failed Endeavor.

Failing at anything in life can leave you feeling worthless, and inadequate. It resonates in your mind, and body, while you are awake, and can even haunt you while you sleep. Tackling the aftermath of failure can be brutal on the ego, and even more catastrophic to the mind if you don’t recover as quickly as possible. Failure has many faces, including failed marriages or relationships, careers, finances, raising children, success, just to name a few. There is no foolproof way to conquer failure, however, there are 6 powerful and resourceful steps that will get you well on your way to reclaiming your happiness.


•    Acceptance – recognizing that failure of some sort has occurred is the first step to moving on. Denying the failed endeavor doesn’t mean it didn’t occur, instead, it means the healing process is delayed.
•    Redemption – Understanding that it is possible to recover from the breach (whatever it may be) and reclaiming your rightful position in life is a reality.
•    Repercussions – There will be consequences for the failure in some form or fashion that will impact your life.  It’s like a beautiful tree that was ripped out of the ground by a storm which was unable to be replanted until after the storm had passed, and the ground returned to its fertile condition. In some cases, rebuilding may mean starting from scratch.
•    Self-forgiveness – One of the most vulnerable areas of recovery is forgiving yourself.  It is difficult because the truth is that you are a constant reminder that your role (or lack thereof) contributed to the breakdown.  Failure has a reverberating sound that can dull your senses if you don’t forgive yourself, by putting the daunting memory out of reach. A visit to a certified counselor, or maybe a friend or mentor may help.
•    Recovery – Returning to the most productive and valuable state after the breach  Think about it like this….  What happens when you forget or lose your password?  You put in a request for a reset, and are asked pertinent and identifying questions to authenticate your identity.  After which you are allowed to RESET your password, returning to operating as the original participant.  Regaining your authenticity is pertinent. You are not alone, we all issues that require recovery efforts.
•    RESET – Redevelopment – Re-branding starting over, or shifting directions. Resetting your life after a failure is pertinent to recovering. In some situations, you may have been forced to reset, and that is okay as well. The most important aspect of resetting is understanding that there was a breach, and it is perfectly normal for you to feel apprehensive, or guarded about the situation. Those feelings should diminish over time as you move in the right direction.  Hitting the reset button means that you face the harsh reality of the loss, but accepting it with the condition that “A failure, Doesn’t Mean that You Are A Failure” it only means that the fragmented part needs repair or an overhaul.  Embracing the true reason that the failure occurred in the first place, and endeavoring to make it right (if you can) is how you should proceed.  It’s crucial to note however that resetting may include rejection or deletion.  Mending fences are ideal, however, it’s okay if you are not able to rekindle the relationship.  Life can be vulnerable in that way, and accepting that it’s over is not always bad. Walking away from an unproductive relationship or situation doesn’t mean you abandon any resulting responsibilities. Forgive, and move forward, while embracing the new chapter of your life!



Seize the Moment!

Yesterday has passed, and you can’t be refunded! Today is your opportunity with Destiny, so embrace it! Tomorrow is vulnerable since it has not yet arrived.  Don’t delay your greatness, waiting on your tomorrow.  Today is the only true opportunity that you have right now! Utilize it wisely, and don’t take it for granted.  Love our today, and it will love you back!!!

These 6 “Life Virtues” are off limits!

Your Life embodies who you are, and is the most important asset that you will ever have. Your Life should be accompanied by some very essential virtues which will fortify you, and will help to determine how your life will proceed. Without these 6 Life Virtues, you will be ineffective, not only to yourself, but to those who you love, and are responsible for. These Virtues are yours. Hide them in your heart, protect them, and never let them go. Let’s take a look at the list below.
1. Peace – This is more than freedom from noise, disturbance, and your ability to experience tranquility, it is how you manage to get from one day to the next without quitting. Peace is equivalent to your mind being inside a submarine, where nothing or no one can muddy the waters, or disrupt your flow. It channels you through life’s complicated elements in a productive manner without altering your ability to continue. Never let anyone abduct your peace!
2. Family –  Your family is your Pedigree, where you were derived, and how you got here.  It is your support system, albeit imperfect. While the family may not be created equally, it is still yours.  For those without natural or functioning family, that is okay.  Family can also be people with whom you share a mutual love and support with. Never allow anyone to pressure you to choose.  Family has no qualifying demands, they will love you forever!
3. Fortitude – This is more than just your backbone, it is your courage, endurance, resilience, and your resolution that no matter what, you will never quit, or stop believing in yourself. Even if it means you may have to fly alone, your confidence in your ability to maintain your mental and emotional shelter should never be compromised.
4. Self-Love – This is your concern for your own well-being, safety, health, growth, prosperity, and happiness.  Self-Love doesn’t mean you neglect those you love, it simply means you don’t neglect yourself! Even if you believe that you can love someone more than you love yourself; Without self-love, you wouldn’t be very effective because there would be nothing left to love, and ultimately, no one could benefit from the remnants.
5. Purpose – This is the reason that you were created, or why you exist. It is your appointment with destiny, and your specific opportunity to make manifest your dreams and visions.  Purpose is the design for your life, and although sometimes it may be altered by untimely events, your purpose will ultimately remain the same.
6. Faith –  This is your complete trust and confidence in GOD.  This virtue must remain completely intact.  Let nothing shift your faith, as this virtue produces and maintains your hope and conviction regarding your purpose and life’s direction. Compromising your Faith to be accepted into a relationship or circle, will not gain you the true and dominant entry. It’s simply an unreasonable expectation.  Your faith should be yours, and should remain sacred!



Issue your “Tongue” a Speeding Ticket (TIPS)

The tongue! One of the smallest members of the body, yet it packs a fierce punch, and should be registered in all 50 states as a lethal weapon.  The untamed tongue, scans the globe on a daily basis with its own agenda, without warning unleashing its fury on any who provoke its wrath, and sometimes without provocation.  There are laws that govern gun control, speeding,  stealing, murder, extortion, just to name a few, but who can really regulate the tongue?  World Scientist have successfully sent rockets to the moon, measured the speed of light, created nuclear fission, and many other outrageous inventions, but none, and I mean none, have created a source that can control the tongue. “Well, there is, of course, “GOD”, who is not an invention, and thus we will save that topic for another time. In my opinion, we don’t really need matches to ignite a fire, just crossing paths with an enraged tongue owner can prove to be flammable in and of itself.

Now I don’t really need to give you examples, as I am sure that you have at the absolute least, been a witness, (if not a party to) a mortal, destructive, and virulent tongue lashing.  The kind that you can feel days, weeks, months, and even years beyond its fury.
The untamed tongue and its pestilent and indignant rage is not one that you want to encounter. And if you are the party delivering the acrimonious verbal punch, we have just what you need to begin training, and at the least surrendering your tongue lashing certificate. Now, of course, this may not be indicative of your character in any way, and that’s great right? But I am sure that you know someone who can benefit greatly from this, so please pass it on.

5 Tongue – Tackling – Tactics

  • Remember there is no such thing as “Accidentally on Purpose”  It doesn’t exist.  Your brain has to first conceive the thought before it is transmitted to your mouth.  So, slow down and think before you speak.
  • This may sound cliché, but just walk away!
  • Think about how ridiculous it is to allow such a small part of your body to bully you.  Stand up to the bully, (your tongue) and take charge, by closing your mouth and thinking clearly.
  • Remember no apology or act of forgiveness can really erase a lethal tongue lashing.  It won’t ever be erased from the person’s mind, and simply put, it’s there forever, and the “forgive and forget” theory only extends to forgiving, the forgetting part is a fallacy.
  • Practicing self-control and resolution is the only option for any situation, even if it means walking away, and re-engaging at another time once you have collected yourself. It’s worth the value of your relationships, reputation, growth and development, and in some cases, your safety.



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Who is that Daunting Image that you see in your Mirror?

Looking into the mirror of life can be very scary.  It forces you to take a long and honest look at who you are as a person.  Looking in the mirror on the wall, however, is your alone time.  No one else is present, you can talk to the person in the mirror, and can be assured that your secret will be safe.  You can scream and cry, and still your secret is safe. You can tell the person in the mirror how insecure you are, and that you secretly wish you looked like your best friend.  What about “mirror-mirror” on the wall, who’s the biggest failure of them all? Most of us have had those moments when we tell ourselves that we have failed. When looking in the mirror, “be very careful“. While the mirror does reflect what it sees, it also exaggerates what it sees. It expands the image, making the flaws and defects so much more pronounced, apparent, glaring, and sometimes just downright scary.

mirror warning

Just like the physical mirror on the wall, “The Real Mirror of Life” is just as pressing, daunting, intimidating; Revealing the constant impression that your flaws, weaknesses, and deficiencies are a nail in your coffin, and that you are just not good enough.  Remember, everyone has deficiencies, which are simply reminders that we are a work in progress. Not a failure. The truth is the only real nail in our coffin is hating the image in the mirror, letting the image force you to look away, and not keeping the mirror clean so that you can really, really see the beautiful, capable, and talented person that you are. Remember everyone is different, and so are your gifts and talents.  So the next time that you look in the mirror on the wall try this… Mirror-Mirror on the wall, thanks for reminding me that my beautiful imperfections are just what I need to be human, to remain humble, kind, genuine and undeniably beautiful.  I am innovative, veracious and on point!  Thanks mirror for exaggerating what I see, “ME”


5 Ways to Appreciate Your Life.

Appreciation – the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

Demand that your mind, body, and soul prepare to embrace your live in the most relative state, the current.  Why? Because in order to press through life challenges, and actually change who you are, (growth) your body needs positive energy both mental and physical.  Remember negative experiences, failures, and disappointments are almost always pronounced and exaggerated, it’s just how the human mind works. Your mind can really throw you for a loop if you don’t manage your thoughts properly and engage positive thoughts of your true potential. Embrace today, forget about tomorrow, and don’t let FEAR paralyze you.  FEAR in itself is a Coward, reminding you of your mistakes, and literally playing them over and over in your brain.   Dispel fear, and take this new day to appreciate what you have achieved in your life, and not what you have failed at.

• Remember FEAR in its truest form is a Bully.  Recognize it for what is: False-Evidence-Appearing-Real; It can paralyze you, and is designed to do just that.
• Picture yourself doing something great, and begin to tell yourself that my life is really good, and I really do have a lot to be thankful for – Start your day with those thoughts.
• Inspire yourself – Be happy about small achievements, while planning the larger ones.
• Put failures in your rear-view mirror where they belong.
• Finally, remember never compare yourself to others, it’s unhealthy. Be your own person with your own dreams, think organically, it’s essential to your success.


“Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.” – Unknown


Letting Go, Without Giving Up on Those You Love. (Powerful & Helpful Tips!)

Letting someone go, simply means that you relinquish your grip or hold, while setting them free to move and live as they insist. Giving up, on the other hand, means to abandon, make a mental or verbal declaration that the person or situation is incurable,  insolvent, or hopeless. Therefore, the two are definitely very different. So how do you put these matters into perspective? Let’s say that there is someone in your life who is simply not productive, basically they are not trying, won’t allow anyone to help them, or simply don’t believe that they have the fortitude to succeed.  Maybe they are even self-destructive. Does this situation warrant you hanging in there with them, or should you walk away? Officially giving up on someone you love is almost impossible to do.  Why? Because even when you physically put distance between you and that person, in most cases, they are still occupying your mind, heart, and emotions.  Therefore, in that case, you haven’t actually given up, but maybe you have let go, which may be preferably in some cases. There are a very few (and I mean a few) very egregious situations where people really do give up on loved ones because a very fine and sensitive line has been crossed (especially the dangerous lines). Those are very different from the common and problematic situations or relationships mentioned here.  Giving up is not easy, and it certainly should be the last line of defense with those you love and care about.  Letting people go, simply means that you step aside to allow that person to see who they really are, determine if they need and want your help, determine if they are capable of recovering without your help, and finally to determine if they want your assistance re-emerging themselves back to the productive citizen that they are capable of being. Letting go may also mean that your pain can be severe, but that pain is far less damaging than giving up altogether on someone who you really just want to let go for the purposes of helping them, and yourself.  When faced with giving up, or letting go, you should understand that the nuances of each relationship are different, with possible damaging effects that only you can determine is in your best interest. Because every situation is so different, only you can determine if giving up, or letting go is a decision that you can live with while understanding that your mental, physical, and emotional safety is paramount.


Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.
– George Edward Woodberry