Shadows of the Past.. Where did Yours go?

I’m sure you have heard the saying that “hindsight is 20/20”.   The Past, the awesome opportunity for mistakes, mishaps, bad relationships, failures, and best intentions gone bad to be buried, and never heard from again. But wait….  does that really mean you are free from the inevitable memories that make you cringe, the painful ones that fill your heart with discomfort?  Unfortunately not!  Your past means exactly that, a series in your life that is behind you, and certainly behind your new conquest and goals.  Think about the shadows of your past like a ship that sails into the abyss. Upon first glance, the ship is overwhelming, a massive creation that appears almost impossible to imagine how it is navigated or controlled.  But as the sun digresses, and the waves push forward, the ship slowly but methodically disappears, and eventually as it passes and moves out of sight, it can no longer be seen.  It’s intimidating presence, is only a memory!  The shadows of your past, are much like that concept, and only requires you to mentally and emotionally relinquish the memories, and embrace your newest and eclectic style of disarming your painful reminiscence of the impressions that have impaled you.  So, although you may have fragments of your past that have chiseled away at your peace, that ship has sailed, and you are on to the generous opportunity called LIFE.  Remember all is not lost as shadows also encompass partial light, which is a not so distant memory that the road best traveled is the one that taught you the most!

Some People prefer their “Toast Black”

Life is about setting and meeting goals, and everyone has a unique gift. Your character and personality is distinctively exclusive from everyone else. Starting every day with a conquest that blows away the competition is how you win!  Your life must speak a story, and yes the version that you crafted and designed specifically for the purposes of bringing into existence your creativity, brilliance, and production of success. It’s okay if your success looks different from others. Be original, authentic, and organic, and let that inspiration launch you from a place of normality to Atypical!  Your individualism comes alive when you determine that you will breathe life into your dreams, and even if that means your “Toast is Black” that ‘s okay because your organic chemical make-up was never intended to mirror someone else’s.  Be yourself, be creative, be graceful, be strategic, but don’t forget to keep your vision alive!

Woman wants to call off the engagement because her Fiancé is a racist!


Dear Graceson – I am 9 months away from being married to the love of my life, although as difficult as it is to admit, I am having second thoughts. My Fiancé’ and I went to high school together and were on and off again for about 5 years. Finally, we settled down and decided to get married. I adore his sense of humor, intellect, financial stability and loyalty. But his outlook on race makes me cringe and he is an admitted racist. I am not racist and respect people from every ethnic background and walk of life. I wouldn’t say I don’t see color, but it simply doesn’t affect the way I respect people and their culture. My Fiancé’, on the other hand, believes that the Caucasian race is superior to others, and I don’t know if I can disregard this conflict that he and I share. I am wondering if this will work itself out, or if I should end the engagement and move on with my life. Mixed up in Ohio.



Dear Mixed Up: Your heart is clearly telling you that your Fiancé’s racism is more than just a subtle difference in opinions, but rather something far more sinister. There is not much to say here, other than when a person shows you who they are, believe them. This conflict that you find yourself in is more than a difference of where you will go on your honeymoon, this is an integrity issue, that will clearly compromise your morals and virtues. Let the racist go find a woman who shares his twisted and anachronistic views, and let destiny send you a man that will compliment your sincerity. Best Wishes


Live your own Inspiration!


Life can appear unfair at times. Feeling like you weren’t born in the right family, from the wrong part of town, not enough money, too fat, not skinny enough, wrong color eyes, or a host of other nuances.  Whatever causes your boat to sink you must dig deep and find your value.  Live by who you are not what you aren’t. Life is tricky and its idiosyncratic elements can be all over the place by virtue of your own thoughts. Your brain never rest, bouncing up and down, sideways and parallel to what makes sense.  That’s what makes your “life inspiration” your responsibility, and your passion.  Live your life in the work mode, fantastic, crazy, out of control, refusal to lose concept. Wake up breathing hope and aspiration, dream big, and flip out on the obstacles that have your life in shambles. Wake up your inspiration, and get your power juices flowing to the winner’s table and reject any resolution that doesn’t result in your inspiration overtaking emotional deflation!

Don’t stop coloring your life portrait just because your crayon broke.

Did you know that the greatest moments of your life happen when adversity hits? A perfect life is untested and unfounded. Life’s difficulties work to build character, and to evoke the necessary energy that sustains courage. What if you never learned the reason for crying, would you understand how tears felt, or that the releasing of tears help to regenerate positive emotions, while ridding the body of toxins and waste products that cause stress?  Yes, it’s true. Crying is good for the body, mind and spirit.

After releasing the stressful toxins that impale us, crying helps to assist your body to return to normal, including leveling out other issues such as hypertension or other health risk. After a good cry, your body releases the surplus of stress hormones like cortisol and prolactin, which ultimately results in you feeling calmer (Factual Biology.) Therefore, when your life hits a snag, or you are faced with chronic disappointments, use your body’s creative crying mechanism to get a good cry, and move on to regroup and transfer your emotions to “Strategy Mode.”
Life works like a marathon. You prepare far in advance for the long haul by exercising, completing mock races, eating healthy, toning, building your endurance, and lastly rest and recovery. Have you ever wondered how movie stars, celebrities, or professional athletes manage to get to the forefront of life?  Or why they appear so different from the typical human being?  Well they aren’t that different actual, only in theory. People of success have a life plan, which they follow day and night, regardless if they fail or not. They spend every wakening hour of the day planning their entry and exit life strategy, and no matter what happens they refuse to quit. That difference is what separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls, and the winners from those who quit before they achieve their goals.
Take a look at the origin of the word “Strategy.” – (from the Greek word strate’gia, art of troop leader, office of the general, command, generalship”) it is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. So….  life is not without challenges, painful experiences, disappointments, or failures. However, you lose when you abandon, desert, or vacate your life goals, just because your crayon broke in the middle of you coloring your life portrait. Remember, when your life crayon breaks, it only means you now have “two” pieces instead of one. You have heard the saying “when life serves you lemons, make lemonade.” Well its the same concept.
Think sustainability. That means think diversely, productivity, indefinitely and ultimate endurance. Refuse to allow your life challenges to deplete your emotional and physical resources that are needed to win. If your body can sustain its own weight by allowing you to balance yourself in a handstand, or hold up your body weight by doing a push up, then those mechanics are only a compliment to how your mind is designed to fortify itself against the sometimes unpleasant or difficult processes that we face. Therefore, we must press through, while embracing perseverance. So the next time you want to quit, just remember  the winning strategy above, and use that broken crayon like twin towers to fortify your goals, and double up your fight to win.



You are Culpable for the outcome of your life!

Your life is your opportunity to showcase your Gifts, Talents, and Abilities. It’s a “Snooze or Lose” kind of opportunity. Talent will sleep, while Abilities fall in rest mode. Shake up the contents of your soul, and rise to life’s occasion. It’s okay to take time to figure out who you are, it’s not okay to do nothing. Make your changes now, and embrace 2018 which is your new opportunity to shine. Everyone has a purpose, and it’s your duty to take control of your life, and design your platform so that you can showcase the reason you exist. Get ready to knock this out the park, because I promise you that no one will do it for you.  No one remembers a person who can’t recall when their last win was. Therefore,  you are culpable for your own life, so take control and win.


Ask Graceson


Reflect on just 10 years ago, when the disposition of the world didn’t appear as volatile and chaotic. The human mind has become desensitized to the “recession” of love and kindness.  Humanity is becoming narcissistic (like) and too busy to care about anyone but themselves. In the meantime, our country’s moral fiber and integrity are diminishing, while anger and rage are covering the earth. We are too busy admiring celebrities, and sports stars and very few people are acknowledging that the human psychological mind is being programmed to be dismissive of entropic facts.  This may not be indicative of everyone, but it certainly applies to most. Here are a few recommendations to invoke our conscious and good will.


Slow down, and pay attention to what is going on in our society.
Take into consideration someone else’s needs.
Think before you judge, and monitor your words carefully.
Remember if the world’s condition does not affect you, it will likely affect someone you love, most likely your children.
Solicit kindness by exploring what you can do to help others.
Understand that the evil in this world must be addressed, and it begins with people like you and I who care.




good man

QUESTION :  Dear World:   I am a 34-year-old woman, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t find a boyfriend. I consider myself very attractive, and a professional who makes good money, and I own my home. I am neat, well-kept, and enjoy being social. I am open to dating, but I do not want a man that is broke with bad credit. It doesn’t matter how lonely I get, I will never date a broke man. Why can’t I find a good man with a job as good as mine, with out a baby mama?  Single in Georgia

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How to get your Happy Back in 3 Steps!

Joy is simply a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. It can also be lost very quickly when you don’t protect it.  It’s perfectly okay to share your life and experiences with those you love.  But….. be very careful about allowing external forces to steal and swallow up your happiness.happy

Below are three steps that will help you to restore your happiness


  • Remember that no one is capable of taking your joy unless you allow them to. If you have lost your sense of joy and peace, then it’s time to get it back.  Making daily affirmations that you are in control of your happiness, and will protect it with your life is the first step.
  • Believe what you confess, and know that words are more than just verbal commands, they are forces that create your destiny, which also goes forward to generate what you confess.  Therefore, start today by recreating a garrison of protection around your destiny, and take back what negative life experiences has stolen.
  • This restoration process is very serious and requires tenacity and consistency. Think revival, rallying, recovery, and rejuvenation.  Starting every day with the declaration that your happiness is restored and protected will get you well on your way to full restoration. Remember……  you are what~ and who~ you say you are, so choose your words wisely!