Willing Wednesday!

Responsibility – “Responding- to- your- Ability”

Its responsibility Wednesday, and time for a reality check about life’s unfair provisions, and those things that we complain about on a daily basis. Those things that make us unhappy with our family and forefathers who’s resulting actions caused us to inherit horrible genes, lack of money, poor manners, lack of mentors, or any other undesirable situation. This may sound really insensitive and harsh, but the reality of life is that ultimately, you are still responsible for your life, without exception, and even in its very precarious condition. Your abilities may not measure in length or depth in comparison to others that you meet or compare yourself to. So, why measure at all?   There will always be someone bigger and better, and that’s perfectly fine as long as you represent your “Absolute Best”. That best places you ahead of the game in any regard, so discard the pedestal syndrome, because everyone has issues, some just more pronounced than others.  Learn to love yourself, and embrace growth! Furthermore, looking from the outside in, to compare yourself to someone else’s success is naive and unhealthy.  Although you may think that you want their cars, homes, careers, and trophy wife (or to be one), it remains a mystery as to if you would even want to do what it takes to sustain it!  The word for this week is “Epiphany”

Pink Hair “Don’t Care”

Pink Hair don't care

Life is colorfully interesting, and depending on what color you love, it simply works for you! Pink hair, red skirt, psychedelic shoes, or your favorite black dress. No matter what you love, it represents you so wear it well, and don’t be afraid to embrace your favorite color and God given talent which is what compels the greatness in you. Have you ever noticed a woman with a bold vibrant dress with red lipstick, or a male daring to wear a pink shirt with khaki pants, and said to yourself ” I could never pull that off”? Exactly, it’s not your style, then again maybe it’s time to use someone else’s inspiration to compel yours!  That only means you don’t have to change who you are to share and appreciate what others have that may complement the organic you.  Life sucks when you are bound by tradition, afraid to wear white in the winter or eat an apple without cutting it first. It’s not that you have to lose your integrity to evolve, you just have to evolve using integrity! I guess you know by now that this color scheme scenario isn’t really about color, it’s about you loving who you are, and not being afraid to embrace someone else’s classy, another’s style, modus operandi, or their eclectic and broad variances. Once you learn to first love yourself, you will evitably be able to appreciate the diversity that others offer, including their friendship, cultures, and branding.  That is truly what happiness and contentment are about!  There are a time and season for everything, so maybe it’s time for you to start appreciating yourself and stop comparing yourself to others who you probably wouldn’t want to be anyways. Be inspired by others, not a duplication of them!


Too much Water, “Healthy or Deadly?”

water in handWater is the most abundant resource on the face of the earth! It’s refreshing, quenches your thirst, cleanses your body, and removes toxins from your organs. It is beautiful to watch, awesome to take a swim in,  and we would die without this powerful substance.  But just like too much of anything in life, water can also be deadly! Its beauty can draw you into deep waters that can overtake you, it’s crazed rising waters from hurricanes and storms can outdistance you, and the dreaded tidal wave or tsunamis can be deadly. Water like other life values can be healthy or deadly!

Here’s why:

  • Love is powerful, beautiful, fulfilling and infectious, but that same love can also be damaging, blinding, irresistible, conflicting and horribly influencing.
  • Intellect is admirable, brainy, mentally superiority, impressive, witty, brilliant and clever. It can also be obnoxious, unpleasant, distasteful, loathsome, rude, contemptible, and off-putting.
  • Wealthy, is being affluent, well-to-do, prosperous, disciplined, loaded, rich, good-fortuned, focused, with an excellent work ethic. It can also mean poor integrity, no standards, thievery, lack of balance, self-serving, and narcissistic.
  • Beauty is aesthetically admirable, pleasing to the eyes, stunning, desirable, eye-candy, arm candy, picturesque, pretty, attractive, and impressive. It can also be shallow, one dimensional, useless, pointless, fruitless, profitless, unproductive, and silly.


While water provides our bodies with the necessary nourishment that we need to survive, life has many more values to offer and others that can provide success and prosperity. But when used improperly or overused, they can also be damaging and critical to your mental, physical, and emotional health.  Find balance in your life, and embrace both your mental and emotional intelligence.  It’s the only way to true and lasting success.  Too much love can choke you, too little can make you resentful. Not understanding the purpose of intellect can make you vacant and purposeless, or produce the next rocket scientist or brain surgeon. Wealth can enhance you, or trap you, while beauty is sought after and desired; however, every day upon you waking, beauty also diminishes.  True beauty, however, is limitless, and true prosperity encompasses all of the above values in their totality!

Would you change your life course if you could see into your future?

MAPLife troubles are unannounced, brutal, and discriminatory. Sometimes when you least expect it, life’s difficulties can blindside you leaving you feeling derailed and disheveled.  It seems unfair at best, however, most of life’s afflictions actually do make you better, stronger, and wiser, especially when you understand how to apply them to your woes. Success is attained when trouble is applied with just the right amount of pressure. It’s like the process of purifying GOLD, which is originally a natural, raw and unrefined element. Experts remove the unnecessary elements in its process to make it valuable  including other precious metals such as traces of silver, platinum, and copper. That means GOLD is inevitably present and dominant but requires the refining process before it can qualify at just the desired percentage of no less than 99.9% pure.  That’s important too because although most people believe GOLD is flawless, it’s not. Although valuable, it has some minor imperfections that are simply consistent with being originated from the earth. It’s much like a human who in all our splendor are unfinished, and vulnerable. This doesn’t mean that you reject the process, it means that you embrace the fundamental understanding that trouble should make you better, not break you down. If you could see into your future, you would probably take another route to avoid life’s disruptions right? Of course!  No one wants what appears to be nuisances dragging them down, and annoying the process. That’s precisely why you can’t see into your future! Otherwise, you would draw a map that skips over hassles, vexations, discomforts, and pain. If that occurred you would be dubiously untested, and not battle suited. The key to understanding life’s refining process is knowing what part is self-inflicted, and what part is vital to the refining process.  So when life’s complications come your way, think about how GOLD is refined, and embrace the necessary obstacles which are designed to purify and complete you, making you the consummate example of success.  Knowing and understanding the process means you win every time.  Remember this winning formula- Difficulty + Life’s Hurdles+ Wisdom+ the perfect amount of force = TRIUMPH

Protect yourself from yourself!


Protecting yourself means you control what you say, what you believe, and what you do. Failure begins with confessions with contradictory admissions. No, it’s not easy, but it is just as easy to confess success, as it is to confess defeat. Make yourself accountable to yourself, and your introspective and emotional expectation. This simply means that you only confess what you want, say what you mean, and refuse to agree with the sneaky word assassinations that try to hold you captive.

What does life look like when you quit!

Quitting is stopping!  No fresh air, no breeze in your hair, no refresh to jar you awake.

Quitting means you sit down in the middle of the race, throw your hands up, and concede you no longer have a chance.  Quitting is always accompanied by the lack of motivation,  the inhaling of frustration, and the inability to lift yourself up above the storm.

Not quitting, on the other hand, is accompanied by faith, grace, and tenacity!  It’s actually just as easy to fight, as it is to quit!  Quitting means you relinquish any hope, by leaving the ring,  stepping over the rope, walking away from your victory win, and retreating to your boxer’s quarters to sit.  Winning, on the other hand, means you are triumphant simply by virtue of your willingness to endure the storm.  So remember winning doesn’t always mean you got the medal, it also means you refused to quit, which in reality gives you a “free redo”.





Fear is indeed emotional unleashing that attempts to entrap your dreams and imprison your prosperity. Life was never intended to be unimpeded because some obstacles builds character, sustainability, and integrity. Therefore, feeling afraid doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are human. Whether your fear is imagined, or real, trepidation is an opportunity in its subtle form of power waiting to be discovered. Don’t allow fear to impale you, rather ignite your inner beast, and just refuse to be a flat liner.  It’s your life, live it to the fullest, and don’t let fear paralyze your dreams!

Shadows of the Past.. Where did Yours go?

I’m sure you have heard the saying that “hindsight is 20/20”.   The Past, the awesome opportunity for mistakes, mishaps, bad relationships, failures, and best intentions gone bad to be buried, and never heard from again. But wait….  does that really mean you are free from the inevitable memories that make you cringe, the painful ones that fill your heart with discomfort?  Unfortunately not!  Your past means exactly that, a series in your life that is behind you, and certainly behind your new conquest and goals.  Think about the shadows of your past like a ship that sails into the abyss. Upon first glance, the ship is overwhelming, a massive creation that appears almost impossible to imagine how it is navigated or controlled.  But as the sun digresses, and the waves push forward, the ship slowly but methodically disappears, and eventually as it passes and moves out of sight, it can no longer be seen.  It’s intimidating presence, is only a memory!  The shadows of your past, are much like that concept, and only requires you to mentally and emotionally relinquish the memories, and embrace your newest and eclectic style of disarming your painful reminiscence of the impressions that have impaled you.  So, although you may have fragments of your past that have chiseled away at your peace, that ship has sailed, and you are on to the generous opportunity called LIFE.  Remember all is not lost as shadows also encompass partial light, which is a not so distant memory that the road best traveled is the one that taught you the most!

Some People prefer their “Toast Black”

Life is about setting and meeting goals, and everyone has a unique gift. Your character and personality is distinctively exclusive from everyone else. Starting every day with a conquest that blows away the competition is how you win!  Your life must speak a story, and yes the version that you crafted and designed specifically for the purposes of bringing into existence your creativity, brilliance, and production of success. It’s okay if your success looks different from others. Be original, authentic, and organic, and let that inspiration launch you from a place of normality to Atypical!  Your individualism comes alive when you determine that you will breathe life into your dreams, and even if that means your “Toast is Black” that ‘s okay because your organic chemical make-up was never intended to mirror someone else’s.  Be yourself, be creative, be graceful, be strategic, but don’t forget to keep your vision alive!