Laughter is good like a medicine (everyone needs some)

Laughter is good like a medicine (everyone needs some)

Life has proven to be extremely stressful at times! Work, family, cleaning, cooking, children, and relationships to name a few. Life is suppose to be happy not tiring right? Well…… yes, but there’s no gain without pain. It’s like trying to learn to drive without practicing (hitting the mailbox in the process) or learning to cook without burning something (like the time you burned your first boiled egg) filling the house with smoke. Life happens with or without your permission, so you might as well get a good laugh along the way. People who take themselves too seriously give out of energy before they reach the finish line, and become frustrated, breaking under life’s sometimes unfair provisions. Whenever you find yourself reaching the end of your rope, catch a good comedy movie, or better yet, go people watching at the park (don’t forget your mask) and imagine who these people are, and what they might be doing together. That my friend leads to a promising laugh every time! For every moment of laughter you experience, there is ten times less moments of stress.

Here’s a quick but funny story. During lunch one day at work, I was accompanied by my co-worker to the supermarket to get a quick sandwich. Deciding to step outside and get some very needed fresh air and leaving her at the check-out counter, I took up a comfortable spot outside in front of the store. 2 minutes later, my co-worker emerges looking for me of course, but in comical fashion, walking right past me on her way to the car. In the meantime, she walks right out in the path of a slowing car in the cross-walk, getting into an all-out brawl with a 90 plus year old woman as to who would let who go first. One minute into the (let’s call it a traffic dispute) they are yelling and screaming at each other simply because neither would concede who would move. I’m guessing the old lady had lots of time on her hands, and just wanted to wait until my co-worker passed. My co-worker on the other hand was late back from lunch (as usual) so I’m guessing she was just looking for a fight that day?

At any rate, they held up traffic in the parking lot for 3 minutes while the driver blew the horn, and my co-worker refused to cross. Eventually conceding that the driver won, my co-worker clearly annoyed, sweaty, and irritated, had a story of her own, telling me all about how she just got this little old lady straight. Well from my vantage point, it looked like the little old lady handled her business pretty well. She never conceded, and forced my co-worker to cross before she would move her car an inch. Now this might not be funny at first glance, but with the knowledge that my co-worker never saw me standing there, and her version of the story ended with how she stared down a little old lady, who tried to bully her, just didn’t fit with what my eyes saw. So if you’re bored during this pandemic, take a walk (with your mask and social distancing of course) and let your imagination go to work. Give it 5 minutes, and you will be laughing all the way home at the strangers who have a silent story to tell.

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  1. I love seeing laughter in the everyday situations/moments–thank you for the reminder to look for the levity every once in a while. Cheers!

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