Monday is the Sexiest day of the week, here’s why! (4 minute Audio)

Monday is the Sexiest day of the week, here’s why! (4 minute Audio)

Mondays get a really bad rap for being the first day back at work, the dreaded day when you know your weekend is OVER, and when the fun suddenly stops coming to a screeching halt, cease, end, finished, DONE!

I wouldn’t want to be Monday not even in another life. It’s like getting bullied by the rest of the week, just because you’ve been chosen to be the line leader. Monday has a valid and sustainable purpose, and I’ll explain exactly what I mean.

Monday is quite sexier than the rest of the week, and I’m confident that’s exactly why the rest of the weekdays envy Monday’s swagger. Give me about two minutes and I will prove it!

Monday- is an Anglo Saxon word that translates to the Moon’s day, devoted to worshipping the goddess of the moon. Not only that but in ancient Britain, any girl born on Monday would be given the name “Mona”.
Monday has swagger, is charismatic, alluring, a commanding line leader, and is statistically the best traffic day of the week.

Monday provokes the desire of the best-dressed employees to show up to work in their Sunday best, has proven to be the best day to buy a car, is the day of the week when the stock market will likely rise, the day of the week when most people do their online shopping, and finally have helped to make STARBUCKS rich since more people buy coffee on Mondays than any other day of the week.

There you have it, and there’s more…..I happen to personally believe that Monday is the victim of pure haterade, you guys understand what I mean right? Monday is a Casualty. Yes… Monday needs a break, not to mention, statistically, science has proven that the true emotions of people are no different on Mondays than they are on any other day of the week. It’s simply a fallacy, all in your head, a superstition that is unsubstantiated, unscientific, and one that drags you down for no reason what so ever.

All I am trying to convey to you is “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Monday is the front runner for a reason, and the beginning of everything, and in this particular scenario, Monday is the entrance to the Parliament, the sound of the orchestra playing, the mover and shaker, and it sets the pace for a very successful week. It’s imperative that you learn to love Mondays just as much as you do Fridays. You might be thinking, that’s ridiculous…. but actually, it’s the opposite!

Just like the other days of the week, Mondays will be around forever, so you might as well embrace it. Be positive, optimistic, focus driven, and a glass half full kind of person. Psychologists believe that positive people have more energy, make more friends, are healthier, self-confident, hopeful, and inspiring.

Now…. taking into account how hated Mondays have been for so many years, isn’t it refreshing to rethink how approaching every day the same can change your interpretation of Mondays? Also, remember that your words frame your world, and it all begins with expectations, your voice of positivity, and spoken innovation. That means what you say, really does determines what you become.

I’m hopeful that this was enlightening and fun. Please share with a friend, Like, and Subscribe. Be Blessed, and give that old Monday enemy a legal name change to “Meaningful Monday”

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