Faith, Favor, and Fruition

Faith, Favor, and Fruition

Faith is believing for what you can’t see, Favor is expecting it when you don’t deserve it, and Fruition puts feet to your dreams and aspirations making them a reality. Without the unseen force of “Faith”, a person would depend solely on themselves to complete the process of success. No matter how hard you work, whether it appears that you are doing it alone, are forced to take out student loans, work two jobs while attending school, all while using your own personal blood sweat and tears, it still takes FAITH to see anything through to the end, and fulfilling your dreams takes place when there is favor.

Favor is what propels you through hardships, dry places, sadness, and the unrelenting and overwhelming desire to want quit; your stick-to-itiveness, (a refusal to quit). A day that will prove faithful and the constant that creates your path of success is near. The fruition and the manifestation of grace are realized when you can touch, feel, and experience the power of what your hard work has produced. Albeit, the grace of GOD, (Favor), and the tangible event that is on life’s display that clearly embodies itself, completed the vision.

Maybe no one has ever told you the truth about the fact that your hands alone didn’t produce your version of prosperity. For just a moment, think about the car accident that you avoided, or survived, the layoff that you missed, the final “C” that you needed to graduate, the clean bill of health that you received during your last health exam, or the cancer diagnosis that you beat, the support from those you love and respect, the ability to BREATH, and the blessing that you are alive to read this Blog. That my firend is the unadulterated fact that the three F’s’; Faith, Favor, and Fruition are no longer just a theory, but the absolute presence of GOD in your life, which has produced the accomplishment and prosperity that you have worked so hard to receive.

Remember this….. Life is vulnerable and delicate, and although it may appear so, nothing in life happens by chance!

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