Don’t drink your enemies poison “Forgive”

Don’t drink your enemies poison “Forgive”

Ever found yourself irate over something someone did or said, all to find that the culprit has moved on to torture and terrorize another unsuspecting victim, leaving you feeling acrimoniously spiteful? That’s exactly why you never digest another person’s poison (words or deeds). What that means is when your enemy pierces your soul with lies and deceit, breaks up friendships and relationships, leaving shattered hearts in their wake, and bitterness in their hearts, exhale, release, forgive, and move forward. Remember troubled people cause “trouble” sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Either way if you make the mistake of ingesting the venom of those who spew lies to purposely impale you, there is no doubt that you will be unconsciously affected by the poison that they are serving as drinks, and that you have unceremoniously digested. Leave these instigators to their own devices, to eat the fruit of their own way, and prayerfully they will retreat, sooner rather than later, before irreparable damage has been done to their soul!

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