Are you responsible for others, or just yourself?

Are you responsible for others, or just yourself?

Responsibility- responding to your ability, being accountable for something, or the ability to act independently and make decisions without needing further authority.

Living life without any responsibility or accountability to anyone but yourself is doable, although very difficult. It might appear easy on the surface, not having to babysit, help your elderly neighbor with the trash, loan money to a family member, give a ride to a friend whose car is in the shop, or participate in the Christmas gift exchange. Embracing the responsibility of maintaining relationships with family, friends, spouses, or others people that cross your path, without a doubt takes work. Work that can be exhausting at times, as you endeavor to collaborate and blend cultures, personalities, likes, dislikes, common grounds, planning events, or simply having to be home at a designated time. Some might consider these responsibilities burdens, but are they? Life is super interesting with people in it, even with the many adjustments that are needed to manage relationships. But when you think about life without close relationships, you forfeit the laughter, joy, celebratory occasions, and fun gatherings that are far more valuable than money. No doubt being accountable to others like family, friends, and associates takes an enormous amount of patience and care. But think about the alternatives of doing everything in your life alone and only on your terms.

So, the next time you are aggravated because your life schedule isn’t perfect, and has been interrupted by a baby shower, wedding, dinner, or BBQ invite, remember the alternative of growing old alone. Everyone is wired differently, and perhaps noisy kids, barking dogs, or cooking for large groups aren’t your thing, don’t forget life is like a “Seed” that flourishes years after it’s been planted. Without the seed, there is no fruit, and without fruit, there is no substance. Everyone will hopefully grow old like a large shady oak tree that spreads its branches to provide shade for everyone, even strangers. The tree that lent it branches as a swing to friends and family, provided shade from the brutal heat, and not even opposed to the pruning once a year to keep the branches fresh. Because our lives mirrors a tree, it’s befitting to compare the growth and powerful existence of a tree whose roots run very deep into the earth and that can resist the storms, rains, and winds, to people in your life that are the salt of the earth. Those who can always be depended on, no matter the task, only to flourish, while keeping decades of secrets that it wouldn’t dare divulge to anyone.

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