“Life Hacks for the Soul” (Moving on after a bad life experience)

“Life Hacks for the Soul” (Moving on after a bad life experience)

Your heart is not just another organ that pumps blood throughout the body by the circulatory system, carrying oxygen and nutrients, and removing carbon dioxide and other waste. It is also a vital part of the emotional aspect of your psyche that manages the human soul, mind, and spirit. When a person suffers hardship, pain, or hurt due to a break-up or other complicated relationship matters, the physical heart continues to beat, while the emotional heart feels like it has been stomped upon, and no amount of medical care can repair it.

This kind of pain is exclusive to only “you” the recipient of the misunderstanding, abuse, attack, betrayal; leaving you feeling like you are at the mercy of the treacherous and disloyal. What happens next is pertinent to recovering, and moving on with your life. “PAIN” bad pain warns you that something is awry, and a check-up is needed to evaluate the source of the pain to correct the culprit. Good Pain on the other hand is an emotional sensation that travels throughout the body, and back to the “heart” that controls how you feel, and what you will allow to take future possession of your emotions.

Don’t let the good PAIN discourage you, it’s necessary as a reminder that you will A) Practice emotional intelligence B) Never go back to the emotional danger zone C) Embrace the concept that knowledge is power and power is wisdom D) Accept the reality that emotional PAIN is the signal at the stoplight that controls the intersection of your life, and when you are a watchful driver, the green lights lead to prosperity, but the red lights mean exactly that-STOP!

Some relationships are not always permanent, there are those that are seasonal. Then there are relationships that were entered into through covenant marriage, for better or for worse, and you know the rest. But…… since we are unable to control what another person says or does, the “covenant” of marriage, or any other covenant relationship entered into by a human, can be vulnerable and unsure. What that means is “YOU” must know and understand your purpose, but never try to create or be responsible for someone else’s. Your purpose is exclusive to you, it’s the gift that you receive from GOD when you are born, and it’s incumbent upon you to protect it.

When a spouse, lover, friend, or family member defects from a covenant relationship of love and respect, remember it’s not within your power to control what another person feels, thinks, or does. That is restricted to each person, who determines if they are an asset or a liability. Once you embrace this conceptualization of truth, as the TRUE and authentic meaning of a healthy heart, you will be on your way to achieving the ‘moving on” stage in your life.

Discover your purpose, and you will discover “Yourself” Graceson Ellison

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