Can Racist people ever change their Psyche?

Racism begins and ends with ignorance! It happens when innocent children are born into a family that have been taught that there is a grading system to determining the degree of excellence that is the standard. They also teach their children that their caliber of race is superior to others. Henceforth, children are indoctrinated into a class system of social hierarchical groups, including race, political theories, color, and culture, while modeling those specific to themselves, and their ethnicity.

What happens next is critical to understanding where prejudices come from and why it’s virtually impossible to reverse the establishment of racism. Children are fed this nonsense from birth, whether directly or indirectly, and once it’s digested, it filters into their emotions, brains, and their Soul! When faced with conflict regarding racism, they are taught to deny it, refuse to address it, and why? after all they are superior to everyone else, and the need to acquiesce is ridiculous. As life progresses, racist people become more racist, and on the way through life meets its companion called “Entitlement”, who further supports their theory that the right to this allotment of special treatment applies to them, and their kind only.

When this behavior goes unchecked, then narcissism and arrogance take over the driver’s seat, making it’s way throughout the world for generations, spreading the errant theories to anyone who they deem worthy. And that is how racism is formed, perpetuates, and continue to breathe! Then there are those racist people who simply look through people, just as if they don’t exist! Denial is yet another form of ignorance.

Let’s not forget that racism doesn’t have a color neither is it exclusive to a particular race of people, it’s translucent, and can occur inside or outside any race. However, the most prevalent and most common form of racism is those whose forefather’s bought, sold, and subjugated races that they considered worthless, and those who never rejected their forefather’s tasteless and inappropriate culture of classism, embracing it as their own; in spite knowing better, or in some cases responsible for knowing better.

If there is to be change regarding how people see each other’s worth, then it must begin with those who proposed and disseminated it to begin with. Rejecting the ignorance, and social behavior must begin now and will only end when the transgressions are laid to rest.

No apologies needed! Now that you know better, apply it and un-teach those who you are responsible for leading astray. It won’t solve all the world’s ills, but it will reduce hatred, prejudice, and ignorance, subsequently mitigating future damages and harm to people that are equally and unequivocally as valuable as everyone else!

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