“Monday’s target practice” (Monday shouldn’t feel like a pandemonium)

“Monday’s target practice” (Monday shouldn’t feel like a pandemonium)

Monday feels like a target practice for some! Aiming, and hitting the metal cans lined up across the wooden fence, and resetting the rifle to try it again; and let’s not forget the dreaded exhale of frustration that it’s Monday and now you have to do it all over again. Monday shouldn’t feel like a practice run or target practice. Actually, it’s a new opportunity to finish what you started, the dawn of a new day, and the opportunity to be grateful that your purpose has been extended, and once again you have “more possibilities.” Monday is a time to reflect on the valuable lessons that you learned the week before; and to avoid vital mistakes from your past, so that your journey is more meaningful.

Remember your mind and body responds to what you say, how you think, and what your anticipation is. It’s not a fallacy, you are in the driver’s seat of success, and how you get there is your decision. What that means is that your choice to create a world of success by speaking and connecting with optimism and seriously understanding that your entire world is guided by what you say, who you say it to, and if you believe that you were chosen as a complex piece of the world’s puzzle is paramount. Also, knowing that your success is not predicated on chance, should change your perspective about Monday (and life) and propel you to learn more about the power of words! Embrace positive change, and don’t board the “Monday Blue’s Bus” that leads no-where, and that is uncomfortable, slow, and not very flattering.

Today is Monday, time for a change, to embrace opportunity, and to commit to making a difference. Use these moments wisely by shifting your mindset from the dreaded Monday blues to enjoying the window of opportunity. Happy Monday, and remember, it’s not time for target practice, it’s game time!

“Knowing exactly what you want from your life, is how your life map is designed!

Graceson Ellison

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