Racism, Ignorance & Mayhem

Racism, Ignorance & Mayhem

The murder of George Floyd is not an anomaly to the African American People! Neither is the despairing treatment in the workplace, systemic racism everywhere, looking over our shoulders, knowing the race has dissimilar starting points but we are expected to finish at the same time, the frustration that only the victims can relate to, just to name a few! Those who feel uncomfortable right now probably were never victimized by those whose brain is microscopic and very limited. Those who were taught that ethnicity and skin color somehow differentiates them from others who look different from them or their family. It’s ignorance on steroids and the dreaded incompetency that has been promulgated throughout time by the culture of the perpetrators. Racism and Ignorance sounds a lot like this: You are different from me, your skin is not like mine, you or your forefathers were born in a country that I consider subordinate to me, you make me uncomfortable, My pedigree is better than yours, I am afraid of who you are (or who I might become), your lips are thick, your hair is coarse, and your eyes aren’t blue. I like me just the way I am, how dare you people attempt to infiltrate my personal space with your collusion and ideologies? Understand this- Racism is derived from ignorance, and ignorance produces mayhem! When people understand that skin color, ethnicity, zip code, wealth, poverty, personal style, or other insignificant factors do not define human value, then the world can take a true look at the meter of change, and if it is truly moving forward. Furthermore, who said that your skin color represents beauty, or is the model of acceptance? People and diversity are how God flatters himself, it’s his handprint of greatness, his infinite creativity and wisdom. It’s the only possible way that the scale isn’t tipped to one side or the other. The world will evolve from its disunity into a place of peace and true prosperity when everyone accepts the fact that they are culpable for remaining quiet, whether directly or indirectly allowing racism to continue to “breath”. The land of the free, and the home of the brave. America, really? When has that ever been true? Wake up!

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