This is what happens when you take people on your life journey who don’t belong there!

Don’t judge your journey on just one “Mistake”

Life is quite a journey, and unfortunately, there are no fast forward, rewind, or pause buttons allowed. Life happens quickly and will develop with or without your consent. However, you do get to choose the path, locale, and final destination. These choices happen when you follow your heart and combine what you want, with being emotionally intelligent. Never ignore what doesn’t feel right! Think about the times when you met that special someone, who made your eyes twinkle and gave you butterflies. But then….. after spending just a few hours with them, you heard a resounding NO!! You couldn’t explain what it meant, and it made absolutely no sense to the naked eye, everything seemed perfect, but the inner “you” knew better, it was the warning that you would live to regret.

God has given us instinct, an internal clock, and it’s like a sixth sense about danger and people who are simply not right for us. It never fails, and although you may want to ignore the inner genius that is much smarter than your emotions, you must STOP, listen, and reconfigure what you want, versus what you need. It’s pretty simple actually but requires an “Immediate” cause of action to shut down, and separate yourself from that person, interaction, or association with what will ultimately stifle your prosperity, and suffocate your happiness.

Sometimes as humans “we want what we want” at any cost, and although that nagging and swelling internal gut keep telling us NO! our desire can sometimes overshadow what’s healthy and best for what we need. It’s happened to the best of us, and it’s not about regret, but revelation!

It’s also about knowledge, and foresight that protects your life, emotion, physical, emotional, and mental stability. It is how you remain strong, your garrison! It’s the declaration that you should forever embrace, the covenant you make to yourself that your choices have consequences, and when made solely on “Emotions and desire” will keep your life unbalanced.

Remember, True Happiness is not forced or Contrived!

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