What happens when we lose those we love?

Losing people that we love can be devastating to our lives. People leave our lives for many reasons, and not always because they transitioned from this earthly life. There are also separations, divorces, and broken friendships. It takes time to recover from the loss of those who we can no longer touch, feel, or see. Although you won’t have the luxury of enjoying their physical presence, you still have the good memories, and those are a permanent fixture in your psyche, and ones that can’t be taken away. It has engraved itself into your mind’s memory, and is retrievable at your request. Even if you don’t believe in the eternal existence of heaven, or that you will someday be reunited with your loved ones, embrace the theory that good memories are powerful and allow your evocation to comfort you doing times of pain.

Although people in your life who have never lost a close loved one may be able to sympathize with you, they can’t truly empathize with you, it’s impossible. Only you stand in the shoes of experiencing the loss and devastation of your loved ones, and although with good intentions, those who haven’t loss someone that they love and adore, can’t ultimately understand the pain.

When you find yourself becoming depressed or lonely because you lost someone you love, reconnect with those powerful memories and the joyful times, get a good cry, and smile as you let go of that moment of pain.

Remember you get to tell your mind, body, and soul how it will react to life’s circumstances. Because the pain is very real, it will truly never diminish, but knowing how to address the pain helps. Don’t isolate yourself during these times, and it’s very important to remember “There is wisdom in the multitude of counselors and friends.”

Be Blessed!

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