There’s no math involved when using positive energy! (Negative people lowers your life’s stock value)

WORDS, they can make or break you, build you up, or destroy your peace. The key to maintaining positive energy is by keeping negative words to a minimum. There’s no math involved, simply wake up in the morning, and remind yourself to crush negativity, and utilize the power of positive words. Sounds elementary, but even science has proven that thinking positive is the healthy and powerful resource that your body and mind needs, and they are right at your fingertips.

Anxiety can run rogue through your life, inserting fear, frustration, and doubt, especially during difficult times. Remember positivity starts with understanding that you are directly impacted by those who are the closest to you. That means spending time with people who don’t value good conversation and who abuse words will eventually affect your spirit, and you can certainly count on a digression of motivation. Although television, radio and the internet have proven vital to keeping current on world news, take a break or two during the week, and grab a good book, read to replenish your spirit. Remember negative in negative out. It’s all relative!

Positive words are free, and using them daily places you in the driver’s seat to prosperity. Embracing this theory also gives you the edge on winning, and there’s no substitution to maintaining a clear mind and positive attitude; which is solely in your control.

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