Syncing your brain with your heart!

Try living life without your brain, or suffering from a broken heart! Your brain is the smart one, while your heart can boast unyielding and unfair emotions, fears and doubt that can cripple your happiness. There is a three day minimum for putting your heart to the test. What that means is stop, listen, and test the theory of “brain vs heart”. Your heart doesn’t measure danger, neither does it create road maps for your life’s decisions, or if that relationship should be ditched before it sucks you into the abyss. Your brain, on the other hand, has this indescribable memory and wisdom that places yield, stop, and caution signs along the way to remind you to use your “Emotional Intelligence” and not to depend solely on your heart. It’s wonderful to fancy through life simply following your heart, but when the body sustains trauma, the first organ that the medical professionals check is the “Heartbeat”. So……. keep a close eye on that vulnerable but essential metabolic leader, and don’t let the “beats and flutters” go unchecked. Remember to sync your heart (emotional intelligence) with self and social awareness, testing the authenticity of everyone and everything, being willing to walk away from dangerous/ unhealthy relationships, and remember to protect your heart from the dark side of emotional sabotage! When faced with love and other life decisions, remember to sync your brain with your heart, it’s the beginning of wisdom that will ultimately prove invaluable!

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