Why your own words      “Determines who you become”

Why your own words “Determines who you become”

Most people may not know that words are like little invisible torpedo’s that jet-set around your world, creating moments of success or failure. Words are powerful and destructive, and although you can’t see them they are very much there, waiting to accomplish or destroy your purpose, it’s all relative and has everything to do with what comes out of your mouth. Think about words the same way you do the air that you breathe. While it can not be emulated, collected, or seen, it determines the temperature, your height caliber and even how you inhale. Finding the right words is essential to finding the right path. People who speak words of faith, affirmation, positivity, and grace, are the same people who receive them. On the other hand, those who muster up harsh words of defeat, anger, and doubt, eventually meet that destination as well. There’s no magic potion or secret solution that you can summons to fix your life, it starts and ends with your words, its the explosion of expectation, and the fruition of the triumph that manifests itself, impacting your life either positively, or negatively. Speaking powerful words is the absence of negativity that meets optimism which grows your enthusiasm, and buries the very absorption of what you have become accustomed to saying! Words are life in volume form, keep yours intact and make them a living organism, not a whirlwind of imprisonment.

The power of choosing the right words in any situation, creates a positive outcome in any regard. Graceson Ellison 2020

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