Why do we “secretly” want to live beyond our means?

Keeping up with the Jones’s is a matter of principle, a matter of mind over matter, and simply having the need to associate with those who appear to live in the lap of luxury or those who appear to fit into the social upper crust of society. It’s a dangerous game, a game that can land you flat broke, in bankruptcy, or miserable every single day trying to figure out how to pay bills you can’t afford, to impress people who probably don’t even notice, and to satisfy your inner cravings of needing social affirmation.

I learned very early in my adult life to rid myself of the errant desire to fake my way through life and to remember to climb up the staircase where I was purposed to climb, and not the crystal stairs where only “Jimmy Choo” shoes are allowed. The unnecessary stresses of living on credit cards, or borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is a crisis that deserves a counseling session. Your friends are people who accept you for who you are, where you live, where you work, your size, gender, ethnicity, and whatever else were assigned to your life.

There are people in my life that are millionaires, and others who make under the poverty level. I love and support them all, and have learned to respect the hard work that they have put in to acquire their wealth and others who work just as hard but have acquired very little. I understand and respect their journey, and can do so without being envious of their accomplishments, and I certainly don’t look down my nose at those friends and family who are in the struggle. There are numbers in between every other number, which is how people and their status ranks. What that means is you should be inspired by the success but don’t compare it to yours. It’s apples and oranges, and not the same game.

Money is certainly a valuable asset in this life, and not having any sucks! But what sucks more than anything is transgressing against yourself, and becoming who someone else wants you to be. Being great with money management, saving, investing, and being an overall budgeteer is awesome. Living your life vicariously through friends and family is not!! Take a step back, and remember one very important fact. It’s not just “How much money you make, but how much your money makes for you”. Be true to yourself, and be inspired by others, not a duplication of them or their lifestyles.


Happy New Year 2020!!

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