(Friday’s Opals) Are Apologies ever really real?

I have met people who say after an offense, there is nothing one can say to make them believe that the offender was really sorry for what was said or done. Some experts support the idea that an effective apology is composed of at least 5 components; Such as acknowledgment, regret, a sincere statement of “I’m sorry”, an acknowledgment that the party in question was somehow violated, and finally a request for forgiveness.  Now that, in my opinion, is a lot!  Most offenders, (or at least those who would admit to it) can barely get the words, ” I apologize” or I’m sorry out of their mouths, let alone being accompanied by multiple facets and levels of the apology. Not to say that the above 5 proposed components of the apology are never appropriate, however it’s unlikely that the average person would acquiesce to them.  An effective apology, in my opinion, should be sincere, and heartfelt, as only the person delivering the apology can really articulate the regret, and only that person knows if the apology is organic or authentic. So when faced with having to deliver an apology, don’t allow anyone to challenge the authenticity of your apology, do it from the heart, and move forward, but don’t forget to change directions endeavoring to avoid repeating the offense.

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