Understanding how your Personal “Time Horizon” affects your life!

It takes Discipline, Dedication, and Determination to pull off getting through each week with positivity and encouragement. Each week that passes can leave you with the feeling that you’ve lost time, and nothing is really being accomplished. You can easily overcome that feeling of doom and gloom or the feeling of simply not feeling adequate by taking a few simple steps. Take a quick look at what time slots were available in the past week that you adequately utilized, versus the downtime that you wasted watching reruns on television, or other insignificant activities. There you will find time to finish the book that will change your life, or research what it will take to start that new business that you’ve been dreaming of. Time is simply a space in your life that adds or takes away from your present and future, that can be used to make a difference in one way or the other. The most important element is your “Time Horizon” which sets a precedence on how time-sensitive your life goals are and other important factors in your life that affect your future. There are short term horizons, and long term ones as well, and it’s pertinent that you give proper attention to both. Set weekly goals for items that you want to accomplish, and put them on your electronic calendar to receive notifications. Those reminders will become second nature, placing your life goals in order. Long term goals can be looked at on a monthly basis, (or more frequently if possible) giving serious thoughts and considerations to nurture those goals. Think, Retirement, Savings, Paying off Debts, Personal and Professional Connections (Networking), Career, Personal Development, and Future Life Partner/Spouse. Time is of the essence, Redeem the time, Embrace Positivity, and No Matter what, don’t quit. Happy New Year! 

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