Claim your Prosperous and Successful New Year! “Here how”

2019 has quickly eluded us, forcing us to prepare for 2020. It’s not just another number you know? Its destination meets planning and execution. Otherwise, it does just become another number, and soon, there will be many of those years that have quietly passed, without progress, or new developments. Reflecting back in 2019, you may not have the same people in your lives, and some may have even transitioned from earth. Either way, the evolution of growth, and commitment to simply being better than you were last year, is how you start your pursuit of prosperity. For some prosperity may mean the accumulation of wealth and opulence. For others, it may mean succession and having accomplished more than they did last year. For most, it simply means setting a “New Year’s Resolution” and being happy with setting that goal, is good enough for them.

The truth is…  TRUE SUCCESS happens when you understand that moving from one accomplishment and purpose to the next is how you WIN!   It means not sleeping in every weekend, or turning off the television to read that life-changing book that you never finished. It also means spending quality time with people who sharpen your wittiness, and intellect. Being mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually sound is where you start, and certainly how you finish.

If your commitment looks a lot like it did last year when you abandoned your enterprise, then that means you have not set serious goals for yourself, and are not serious about change. It’s not just a cliché, it’s how you move from one great success to the next. Repeating something doesn’t mean you will accomplish it, committing to executing it, and firing up your victory march is how you get there; and breathing your insatiable and unquenchable quest to win into your own personal paragon is how you prevail! Pay close attention to your Journey, and certainly who you bring along with you, it’s all relative to accomplishing a sound finish! Remember: TIPS for 2020- “You will ultimately become exactly like those who you spend the most time with, so choose wisely” Hope your Christmas was Merry, and have a “Happy and Prosperous New Year!”

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