Here’s the true reason America hates the President so much?

President trump is perhaps one of the most hated men in history, and certainly one of the most hated presidents in American history. Even more so than President Nixon, and we all know that story. What the world hates so much about President Trump is not just what he says, but the fact that he says it as the President. I’ve spent time with countless people who embrace and support some of the same theories as the President, but seem to hate him for saying the exact same things that they think, or wish they could say”. The long and short of this post is hypocrites shouldn’t hate when people say the exact same things that they don’t have the courage to, then join the band wagon because the President said it in public! Let this be a lesson to President Trump to exercise caution, temperance, and kindness when addressing the American people. Words are weapons especially when used the wrong way. Those in authority are held to a higher standard, and once you’ve said it, you can’t take it BACK. Our President’s most damaging personality trait is that he doesn’t understand that he is both accountable for what he does, and also what he says! Let’s be honest for once! The Leaders of our country (all of them) didn’t make it to the top being a Girl Scout, they all have multiple skeletons in their closets, they’ve just managed to keep the closet door closed. Too bad President Trump didn’t perfect the art of respect while he was learning the art of becoming rich!

Impeachment hearings will never be fair (here’s why)

Hopefully America is not sitting back waiting for a fair and just outcome of the impeachment Hearings? Here’s why! There is no one on planet earth that can be 100% unbiased in their interpretation, fairness, judgment, or resolution without losing at least some of their personal convictions and covenant selfishness. It’s pretty simple, man (humans) are incapable of being fair, that’s it, it will never happen. That is why even if the president deserves to be impeached it will never be based on an absolute and unprejudiced hearing. That’s not to say justice shouldn’t be served, just that there is NO real justice when humans have an input or influence. So….. that means fairness doesn’t exist, because humans are incapable of being 100% fair. Too many life experiences jades us all, and that’s real, although behind the curtain an oath is taken, it’s all taken in vain!