Pink Hair “Don’t Care”

Pink Hair don't care

Life is colorfully interesting, and depending on what color you love, it simply works for you! Pink hair, red skirt, psychedelic shoes, or your favorite black dress. No matter what you love, it represents you so wear it well, and don’t be afraid to embrace your favorite color and God given talent which is what compels the greatness in you. Have you ever noticed a woman with a bold vibrant dress with red lipstick, or a male daring to wear a pink shirt with khaki pants, and said to yourself ” I could never pull that off”? Exactly, it’s not your style, then again maybe it’s time to use someone else’s inspiration to compel yours!  That only means you don’t have to change who you are to share and appreciate what others have that may complement the organic you.  Life sucks when you are bound by tradition, afraid to wear white in the winter or eat an apple without cutting it first. It’s not that you have to lose your integrity to evolve, you just have to evolve using integrity! I guess you know by now that this color scheme scenario isn’t really about color, it’s about you loving who you are, and not being afraid to embrace someone else’s classy, another’s style, modus operandi, or their eclectic and broad variances. Once you learn to first love yourself, you will evitably be able to appreciate the diversity that others offer, including their friendship, cultures, and branding.  That is truly what happiness and contentment are about!  There are a time and season for everything, so maybe it’s time for you to start appreciating yourself and stop comparing yourself to others who you probably wouldn’t want to be anyways. Be inspired by others, not a duplication of them!


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