Too much Water, “Healthy or Deadly?”

water in handWater is the most abundant resource on the face of the earth! It’s refreshing, quenches your thirst, cleanses your body, and removes toxins from your organs. It is beautiful to watch, awesome to take a swim in,  and we would die without this powerful substance.  But just like too much of anything in life, water can also be deadly! Its beauty can draw you into deep waters that can overtake you, it’s crazed rising waters from hurricanes and storms can outdistance you, and the dreaded tidal wave or tsunamis can be deadly. Water like other life values can be healthy or deadly!

Here’s why:

  • Love is powerful, beautiful, fulfilling and infectious, but that same love can also be damaging, blinding, irresistible, conflicting and horribly influencing.
  • Intellect is admirable, brainy, mentally superiority, impressive, witty, brilliant and clever. It can also be obnoxious, unpleasant, distasteful, loathsome, rude, contemptible, and off-putting.
  • Wealthy, is being affluent, well-to-do, prosperous, disciplined, loaded, rich, good-fortuned, focused, with an excellent work ethic. It can also mean poor integrity, no standards, thievery, lack of balance, self-serving, and narcissistic.
  • Beauty is aesthetically admirable, pleasing to the eyes, stunning, desirable, eye-candy, arm candy, picturesque, pretty, attractive, and impressive. It can also be shallow, one dimensional, useless, pointless, fruitless, profitless, unproductive, and silly.


While water provides our bodies with the necessary nourishment that we need to survive, life has many more values to offer and others that can provide success and prosperity. But when used improperly or overused, they can also be damaging and critical to your mental, physical, and emotional health.  Find balance in your life, and embrace both your mental and emotional intelligence.  It’s the only way to true and lasting success.  Too much love can choke you, too little can make you resentful. Not understanding the purpose of intellect can make you vacant and purposeless, or produce the next rocket scientist or brain surgeon. Wealth can enhance you, or trap you, while beauty is sought after and desired; however, every day upon you waking, beauty also diminishes.  True beauty, however, is limitless, and true prosperity encompasses all of the above values in their totality!

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