Would you change your life course if you could see into your future?

MAPLife troubles are unannounced, brutal, and discriminatory. Sometimes when you least expect it, life’s difficulties can blindside you leaving you feeling derailed and disheveled.  It seems unfair at best, however, most of life’s afflictions actually do make you better, stronger, and wiser, especially when you understand how to apply them to your woes. Success is attained when trouble is applied with just the right amount of pressure. It’s like the process of purifying GOLD, which is originally a natural, raw and unrefined element. Experts remove the unnecessary elements in its process to make it valuable  including other precious metals such as traces of silver, platinum, and copper. That means GOLD is inevitably present and dominant but requires the refining process before it can qualify at just the desired percentage of no less than 99.9% pure.  That’s important too because although most people believe GOLD is flawless, it’s not. Although valuable, it has some minor imperfections that are simply consistent with being originated from the earth. It’s much like a human who in all our splendor are unfinished, and vulnerable. This doesn’t mean that you reject the process, it means that you embrace the fundamental understanding that trouble should make you better, not break you down. If you could see into your future, you would probably take another route to avoid life’s disruptions right? Of course!  No one wants what appears to be nuisances dragging them down, and annoying the process. That’s precisely why you can’t see into your future! Otherwise, you would draw a map that skips over hassles, vexations, discomforts, and pain. If that occurred you would be dubiously untested, and not battle suited. The key to understanding life’s refining process is knowing what part is self-inflicted, and what part is vital to the refining process.  So when life’s complications come your way, think about how GOLD is refined, and embrace the necessary obstacles which are designed to purify and complete you, making you the consummate example of success.  Knowing and understanding the process means you win every time.  Remember this winning formula- Difficulty + Life’s Hurdles+ Wisdom+ the perfect amount of force = TRIUMPH

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