Protect yourself from yourself!


Protecting yourself means you control what you say, what you believe, and what you do. Failure begins with confessions with contradictory admissions. No, it’s not easy, but it is just as easy to confess success, as it is to confess defeat. Make yourself accountable to yourself, and your introspective and emotional expectation. This simply means that you only confess what you want, say what you mean, and refuse to agree with the sneaky word assassinations that try to hold you captive.

What does life look like when you quit!

Quitting is stopping!  No fresh air, no breeze in your hair, no refresh to jar you awake.

Quitting means you sit down in the middle of the race, throw your hands up, and concede you no longer have a chance.  Quitting is always accompanied by the lack of motivation,  the inhaling of frustration, and the inability to lift yourself up above the storm.

Not quitting, on the other hand, is accompanied by faith, grace, and tenacity!  It’s actually just as easy to fight, as it is to quit!  Quitting means you relinquish any hope, by leaving the ring,  stepping over the rope, walking away from your victory win, and retreating to your boxer’s quarters to sit.  Winning, on the other hand, means you are triumphant simply by virtue of your willingness to endure the storm.  So remember winning doesn’t always mean you got the medal, it also means you refused to quit, which in reality gives you a “free redo”.