Shadows of the Past.. Where did Yours go?

Shadows of the Past.. Where did Yours go?

I’m sure you have heard the saying that “hindsight is 20/20”.   The Past, the awesome opportunity for mistakes, mishaps, bad relationships, failures, and best intentions gone bad to be buried, and never heard from again. But wait….  does that really mean you are free from the inevitable memories that make you cringe, the painful ones that fill your heart with discomfort?  Unfortunately not!  Your past means exactly that, a series in your life that is behind you, and certainly behind your new conquest and goals.  Think about the shadows of your past like a ship that sails into the abyss. Upon first glance, the ship is overwhelming, a massive creation that appears almost impossible to imagine how it is navigated or controlled.  But as the sun digresses, and the waves push forward, the ship slowly but methodically disappears, and eventually as it passes and moves out of sight, it can no longer be seen.  It’s intimidating presence, is only a memory!  The shadows of your past, are much like that concept, and only requires you to mentally and emotionally relinquish the memories, and embrace your newest and eclectic style of disarming your painful reminiscence of the impressions that have impaled you.  So, although you may have fragments of your past that have chiseled away at your peace, that ship has sailed, and you are on to the generous opportunity called LIFE.  Remember all is not lost as shadows also encompass partial light, which is a not so distant memory that the road best traveled is the one that taught you the most!

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