You are Culpable for the outcome of your life!

Your life is your opportunity to showcase your Gifts, Talents, and Abilities. It’s a “Snooze or Lose” kind of opportunity. Talent will sleep, while Abilities fall in rest mode. Shake up the contents of your soul, and rise to life’s occasion. It’s okay to take time to figure out who you are, it’s not okay to do nothing. Make your changes now, and embrace 2018 which is your new opportunity to shine. Everyone has a purpose, and it’s your duty to take control of your life, and design your platform so that you can showcase the reason you exist. Get ready to knock this out the park, because I promise you that no one will do it for you.  No one remembers a person who can’t recall when their last win was. Therefore,  you are culpable for your own life, so take control and win.


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