Reflect on just 10 years ago, when the disposition of the world didn’t appear as volatile and chaotic. The human mind has become desensitized to the “recession” of love and kindness.  Humanity is becoming narcissistic (like) and too busy to care about anyone but themselves. In the meantime, our country’s moral fiber and integrity are diminishing, while anger and rage are covering the earth. We are too busy admiring celebrities, and sports stars and very few people are acknowledging that the human psychological mind is being programmed to be dismissive of entropic facts.  This may not be indicative of everyone, but it certainly applies to most. Here are a few recommendations to invoke our conscious and good will.


Slow down, and pay attention to what is going on in our society.
Take into consideration someone else’s needs.
Think before you judge, and monitor your words carefully.
Remember if the world’s condition does not affect you, it will likely affect someone you love, most likely your children.
Solicit kindness by exploring what you can do to help others.
Understand that the evil in this world must be addressed, and it begins with people like you and I who care.


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