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Can you fly without Wings? (7 tips on gaining life’s momentum)

Get your life power back in motion!

Discovering Prudence


Have you ever wondered why Eagles are known for their beautiful and strong wings?  Why it appears they are unstoppable and fierce hunters?  Well that’s the story we have been told, and simply put, the Eagle has an impeccable reputation for flying above the storm, instead of being tossed about by the wind and rains.  Eagles actually have been studied for years, and there is documented proof that Eagles fly into the storm, using the winds to gain altitude, to propel them above the storm.  What is pertinent to this metaphoric story is that Eagles live perpetually in Power-Mode, not Defense-Mode.  They are warriors and the best at it. There are fundamentally sound, with laser precision. Let’s take a look at the Eagles innate and instinctive behavior that we can emulate.
•    Eagles have very keen vision.  Use your vision to stay focused, and don’t be derailed by obstacles.
•   …

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