Friendship Wednesday!

Friendship Wednesday!

Hello Wednesday!  Today is Friendship Wednesday, and another opportunity to expand our association and fellowship.  The world has lost its senses in every way that you can imagine. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon those who still care to reach out to those relationships that you have left untied, and re-attach the missing camaraderie. It’s time to care about not only those inside your circle but also outside.  Reach out to an old associate or friend that you haven’t talked to in a while, make an effort to engage that co-worker or neighbor that you have never cared to engage in conversation. Help turn the world’s narcissistic, egocentric, and altruistic mentality in another direction.  Remember we asked for change, so that means it starts with “us.”   Start today by reinstating your humanitarian and selfless nature, and just be kind.  Not everyone can be a Philanthropist, but we can certainly use what God has blessed us with to be compassionate and charitable.  That doesn’t always require money, but caring and being considerate is a start in the right direction.

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