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Brand New Author – Sci-Fi (Short Story) “Beauty, Death, and Opposition”

Thank you for all your support and for those who purchased my new book. The response has been overwhelming! For those who have not had the opportunity to purchase it, you don’t want to miss this innovative & New Science Fiction, Love Story.  I have entered a caption of the book below.  Buy it now on Kindle for only $.99 ~ today only.  See caption below:

This Fantasy, Love, and Death Science Fiction Short Story series has jaw dropping suspense on every page, and romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Jaboenia is a King and distinguished gentleman, until he graces the palace gates where he is transformed from Epical King to a Deadly Warrior that has supernatural powers to kill, eradicate, and destroy. He happens upon Nama who is a stunning beauty who takes his breath away, and he is ultimately hooked. Jaboenia has wealth of great proportions, and his opulence, and riches are immeasurable. His problem is that he has no one to share it with until he meets the alluring Nama, who tries to make him forget that he is a warrior. Jaboenia has not only his supernatural beast powers, but also other lethal weapons such as dropping stars of fire, horns of liquid that resembles lava, his Triaxis 1000, and checkered dragons that can spit fire from miles away. Jaboenia’s goal is to eradicate evil, which has existed for generations, and free the inhabitants of Westmuzzia forever. But first, he must capture and destroy the Evil Insurgent, whose evil mind will stop at nothing in his unabating will to capture and murder Jaboenia, and to reign over his throne. Jaboenia owns the original manuscript, which gives him immortal life, but the Evil Insurgent has copies, and endeavors to steal the original which will give him and his family power to rule over everyone forever. The inhabitants that bear the number 13 will live, those who don’t will die. This thriller has an element of apocalyptic setting that will leave you wanting more, and putting the book down will probably not be an option until you are done. This book has suspense, drama, treason, murder, and a man made purgatory but not in the traditional sense. Death, Beauty and Opposition leaves you with the anticipation for the next series.

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