Why do people hate Mondays?


Monday signifies the beginning of the work week for most people, and the dreaded day back to work that most people hate.  Why? Simply put it forces the average person to fundamentally shift their brain from “Leisure” to “Labor”. That means that you reach a level where you begin to measure what you “like to do and enjoy” compared to what you “have to do”. The differences however are only slightly opposite, as either way you need a plan. The subtle but impactful differences are that one involves not thinking or  planning to do anything productive, while the other institutes strategic planning to be productive at something that is meaningful. That means that without a plan, you basically are open to fail.  You have heard the saying “No plan is a plan to fail” Well that is true!  Friday for most people means that you can let your hair down, not be accountable to your boss, and not have to hit the snooze button right?  By shifting that mindset over just a bit, you combine doing what you love passionately, with working hard to assure that your destiny is reached and in the process doing it with inspiration and purpose.

Ask any millionaire if they hate Monday, and I will assure you the answer will be no, rather they love every day of the week equally because it provides another opportunity to build their empire.  Even if your empire is small, it doesn’t matter, size matters sometimes, but not compared to how you win.  Winning requires tenacity and dedication, and the re-programming of your brain not to digress just because it’s the weekend.

Therefore, if we incorporate perseverance, commitment, and purpose with being completely resolute in our endeavors to succeed, then we lose the Monday blues and turn it into Manifestation Monday.  That is why most people who engage other successful people or spend time with them crave success.  That simply means that “Success begets Success.” Try taking the time to treat every day as if it’s the only day of the week that you have to achieve your goals, and you will find yourself with a winning ‘Attitude that will determine your Altitude.”


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