Are you Unhappy or just Misinformed?

Are you Unhappy or just Misinformed?


Life’s illusions can leave even the most accomplished person feeling sad and unhappy.  Your mind is a battlefield of winning and losing, and depending on who you certify as captain in charge, you can find yourself losing the mind battle far too often. Think about your mind in the sense that every thought has to be brought into submission before you issue permission for it to rest and take up abode. The mind is sneaky, forcing thoughts of failure, anxiety, and frustration into your spirit countless times throughout the day without provocation, and without cause. Your mind is one of the most powerful yet, manipulative operations of your body, and can be your guide to winning and staying fulfilled, or the thing that leads you to the desolate and dark places of failure and unhappiness.  I am not just talking having a Kumbaya moment here, but facts that will determine if you win or lose.  So embracing the fact that you are in charge of your mind, and accepting the fact that you control what thoughts get the authority to rest and take up residency, or what gets evicted and eradicated, is the key to winning the mind game. Sometimes, when people say that they are unhappy, they really have just acquiesced to thoughts of defeat and failure, when in reality, they have just relinquished the battle; and called the fight uncontested. Your mind holds your success, and you are the garrison that protects it. Therefore, you must trounce on any thoughts that approach accompanied by despair and failure. You are in control, and you get to make the call on what, who, how, and when thoughts become your companion.  That means making smart choices about what and who you  spend your time with; as the mind has a vast memory as well which can add life or death to your success.

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