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Jesus calmed the storm, it’s time to pray!

“Hurricane Irma” has the State of Florida in turmoil, for obvious reasons.  Now that we have made natural preparations, it is time to make spiritual preparations. Lets join together in prayer, and ask God for mercy and grace during this time, and rebuke the storm, and force it to disintegrate.  Remember it takes a village, and even if you are not in the expected path, we need those who understand faith to pray.


** Dear God, we pray for your mercy and grace to sustain us during this storm.  We pray that the power of your hand will rebuke the storm, and carry it out to sea where it will rest, and ultimately disintegrate. We thank you Lord Jesus for your mighty hand of power, and anointing, and just as you rebuked the storm before, that you don’t allow Irma to cause any other destruction or loss.  We thank you for inclining your ear to our prayers, and your unmerited grace and favor on our state and nation.  AMEN!



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