Today is another great opportunity to grace yourself through life!

Today is not just Friday a time to digress, but another opportunity to be great.  Make every single moment count today, and be grateful for the new opportunity to shine.  This may sound “cheesy” but people who utilize every moment to work on their gratefulness, and their graciousness, impact more lives than those who don’t.  Today is your new opportunity to make something better in your life, and in the lives of others, so don’t take it for granted.  Happy Friday!!

How to master the end of the week blues!

Okay, today is Thursday and you are probably pretty tired and looking forward to Friday.  Wasting your day in the grim mode of slothful, sluggish, or lackadaisical, only makes the day redundant and useless. Remember, every day has a purpose, so don’t miss your today’s objective, and shake off any remnants of falling into the long week drudgery.  Moments seized, are moments that are beneficial and powerful, adding to your repertoire of success, and you’re resolute of not quitting.  Honestly, Thursday and Friday shouldn’t feel like you are exhausted and can’t wait until it’s over, it should be accompanied by exuberance and thankfulness, that you didn’t waste very valuable moments of your life in the apathetic and listless approach.  Life is always better when you are grateful and understand your purpose! Flip the script, and become the person who unequivocally appreciates the opportunity for a new day, and capitalizes on every moment, instead of the friend or co-worker that never has any positive qualities to contribute.  Have a wonderful Thursday!


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4 Tuesday Fun Facts

Did you know that…….

  1. Tuesday was named after the Nordic god Tyr. Tyr was the God of War, like the Roman war-god Mars, and Greek god Ares. In Latin, Tuesday is called Martis dies which means “Mars’s Day”.
  2. Tuesday Weld was born Susan Ker Weld. She was called “Tu-Tu” by a young cousin who could not say “Susan”. She legally changed her name to “Tuesday” in 1959 as an expanded form of Tu-Tu.
  3. Under the rules of the Gregorian calendar, Christmas Eve falls less often on a Tuesday than any other day of the week.
  4. According to a survey in 2002, Tuesday is the most productive day of the week in the workplace.


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6 Ways to Embrace Winning and Shower Yourself with Confidence

Confidence can be elusive, and hard to locate after a tough encounter with life’s challenges.  Understanding that everyone has seasons of ups and downs, is crucial to regaining your self-confidence and keeping it in tact. Remember your brain controls what your body and emotions do, therefore “Positive Thinking” and “Refusing to allow Negative Thoughts” to surreptitiously infiltrate your mind keeps your success in growth mode. No one is exempt from succeeding, and success is not exclusive to any one person or group.  Thinking and knowing that you have a right to win, is how you own and maintain your joy, confidence, and the triumphant outcome!

  1. Don’t think why me, “Think, why not me” Your mind is the football field, and your confidence is the End-Zone.
  2. Command your brain to think positive thoughts, and dispel thoughts that make you feel tired and discouraged.
  3. Make every day one that has purpose and look forward to small victories on a daily basis. Winning is created with meticulous and consistent movements that get you to where success is waiting.
  4. Whenever you feel mentally and emotionally tired, remember you are at an extreme advantage simply because you are alive, competent, and hope is still in reach when you utilize your battle zone posture.  Shake it off, it’s only there for a short season, so don’t marry it.
  5. Remember there is never a reason to quit, simply put quitting resolves nothing, and winning can’t be accomplished without putting quitting out of commission permanently, both mentally and emotionally.
  6. Confidence is your life companion that is exempt from divorce or separation.  Keep it close to your mind and heart, and nourish it on a daily basis like it is your only true love!

5 ways to bring your A-Game in life.

Making sure that you don’t digress in your life’s ventures takes innovation and tenacity. Very few people wake up with greatness in their hands, and for the few who do, in order to keep it, embracing hard work and focus is the only way to maintain success, and keep motivation moving in the right direction. Looking through a crystal ball gives you hope, but making a determination that your A- Game is your only option is the key to winning. Remember, every person’s success that you admire was acquired through hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Take a look at the list below to get you started in the right direction on using your A-game tools.

  1. Understanding that life is not a game, but a war, and winning small battles, and not quitting or digressing makes you great.
  2. Anticipating your greatness is key to winning, and falling asleep with the goal of beginning another successful day gets you closer to winning.
  3. Slowing your pace, or taking breaks because you don’t see the desired results, makes your goals appear further than what they actually are, so every moment counts, don’t waste time.
  4. Keep company with people who want greatness, and those who refuse to quit.  Friends are a reflection of you, and you ultimately become who you spend time with, and greatness begets greatness.
  5. Balance, balance, balance is key to success. You have to manage your family, career, money, social life, and spiritual life; while you are working on your greatness.


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6 Reasons People doubt themselves

Doubt: a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.

Doubt is the catalyst to almost every failure in life, since the beginning of time.  Doubt suffocates your confidence and creates fear that in most cases don’t even exist.  Facing doubt makes you courageous and brave, and helps to embrace what is needed to be relentless and successful.  Take a look at the 6 main reasons that people doubt themselves.


  1. Because someone told you that you are incapable of succeeding at that particular mission.
  2. Because you haven’t envisioned yourself actually being great.
  3. Because you don’t seize every moment to capitalize on your greatness.
  4. Because life sits still until you move it, and you haven’t bench pressed your greatness.
  5. Because you are waiting on the perfect moment to be great, to win the lottery, or to piggy back off someone else’s greatness.
  6. Because life is tough, and you have to be even tougher to win, and you haven’t decided that losing is not an option.

** The first step to winning is thinking that you can, even in the face of what appears to be an impossibility.  No matter what, don’t quit, quitting is failure’s cell mate.


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