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Portraiture of Jaboenia the Great (Fictional)

Discovering Prudence

Jaboenia walked in great places toward the light which was where the power source was. The town was alive although dead in spirit along with thousands of their loved ones who were trapped beneath the desolute black graves where worms ate away at their flesh, and who prayed for death which would have even been a gift. Their screams could be heard for miles across the boundless night air, which echoed off the mountains like a passing plane. So the dust from the burning flesh from the grave clouded the town’s air, making it thick, unbearable, and choking those who would dare to exit their home without permission from great Jaboenia. Jaboenia possessed opulence, gold, silver, ultimate power, and being the only faithful one who was worthy of walking alone without fear of death because he held the original copy of the manuscript of ultimate life. Even in total darkness…

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