Welcome to Masterful Monday!


Masterful ~ the ability to be powerful, and skillful while taking command. Being Masterful on Monday is what you need to be impactful. It’s how you impose your will on the dreaded day back to work, by refusing to let the Monday morning blues abduct your masterpiece. Think about your potential, and what you need to accomplish today. Use the reversal system and reinvent your thought pattern.  Think about how proficient, skillful, and powerful you want to be, and how leaving your thumb print of success on everything you touch today is paramount.  Don’t lose sight of your goals, and take charge by using your adeptness.  Command attention when you walk into the room by using your magnetic persona, and your gracious demeanor.  When you want something badly enough, you don’t need an energy booster, you need the unquenchable and resolute thirst for success. So what ~ it’s Monday, that shouldn’t mean that you are tired from the weekend, it should mean an opportunity to manifest your proficiency and craft.  Note to self ~ don’t forget to be masterful!


also reference http://www.askgraceson7.blogspot.com

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