These 6 “Life Virtues” are off  limits!

These 6 “Life Virtues” are off limits!

Your Life embodies who you are, and is the most important asset that you will ever have. Your Life should be accompanied by some very essential virtues which will fortify you, and will help to determine how your life will proceed. Without these 6 Life Virtues, you will be ineffective, not only to yourself, but to those who you love, and are responsible for. These Virtues are yours. Hide them in your heart, protect them, and never let them go. Let’s take a look at the list below.
1. Peace – This is more than freedom from noise, disturbance, and your ability to experience tranquility, it is how you manage to get from one day to the next without quitting. Peace is equivalent to your mind being inside a submarine, where nothing or no one can muddy the waters, or disrupt your flow. It channels you through life’s complicated elements in a productive manner without altering your ability to continue. Never let anyone abduct your peace!
2. Family –  Your family is your Pedigree, where you were derived, and how you got here.  It is your support system, albeit imperfect. While the family may not be created equally, it is still yours.  For those without natural or functioning family, that is okay.  Family can also be people with whom you share a mutual love and support with. Never allow anyone to pressure you to choose.  Family has no qualifying demands, they will love you forever!
3. Fortitude – This is more than just your backbone, it is your courage, endurance, resilience, and your resolution that no matter what, you will never quit, or stop believing in yourself. Even if it means you may have to fly alone, your confidence in your ability to maintain your mental and emotional shelter should never be compromised.
4. Self-Love – This is your concern for your own well-being, safety, health, growth, prosperity, and happiness.  Self-Love doesn’t mean you neglect those you love, it simply means you don’t neglect yourself! Even if you believe that you can love someone more than you love yourself; Without self-love, you wouldn’t be very effective because there would be nothing left to love, and ultimately, no one could benefit from the remnants.
5. Purpose – This is the reason that you were created, or why you exist. It is your appointment with destiny, and your specific opportunity to make manifest your dreams and visions.  Purpose is the design for your life, and although sometimes it may be altered by untimely events, your purpose will ultimately remain the same.
6. Faith –  This is your complete trust and confidence in GOD.  This virtue must remain completely intact.  Let nothing shift your faith, as this virtue produces and maintains your hope and conviction regarding your purpose and life’s direction. Compromising your Faith to be accepted into a relationship or circle, will not gain you the true and dominant entry. It’s simply an unreasonable expectation.  Your faith should be yours, and should remain sacred!



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