Issue your “Tongue” a Speeding Ticket (TIPS)

Issue your “Tongue” a Speeding Ticket (TIPS)

The tongue! One of the smallest members of the body, yet it packs a fierce punch, and should be registered in all 50 states as a lethal weapon.  The untamed tongue, scans the globe on a daily basis with its own agenda, without warning unleashing its fury on any who provoke its wrath, and sometimes without provocation.  There are laws that govern gun control, speeding,  stealing, murder, extortion, just to name a few, but who can really regulate the tongue?  World Scientist have successfully sent rockets to the moon, measured the speed of light, created nuclear fission, and many other outrageous inventions, but none, and I mean none, have created a source that can control the tongue. “Well, there is, of course, “GOD”, who is not an invention, and thus we will save that topic for another time. In my opinion, we don’t really need matches to ignite a fire, just crossing paths with an enraged tongue owner can prove to be flammable in and of itself.

Now I don’t really need to give you examples, as I am sure that you have at the absolute least, been a witness, (if not a party to) a mortal, destructive, and virulent tongue lashing.  The kind that you can feel days, weeks, months, and even years beyond its fury.
The untamed tongue and its pestilent and indignant rage is not one that you want to encounter. And if you are the party delivering the acrimonious verbal punch, we have just what you need to begin training, and at the least surrendering your tongue lashing certificate. Now, of course, this may not be indicative of your character in any way, and that’s great right? But I am sure that you know someone who can benefit greatly from this, so please pass it on.

5 Tongue – Tackling – Tactics

  • Remember there is no such thing as “Accidentally on Purpose”  It doesn’t exist.  Your brain has to first conceive the thought before it is transmitted to your mouth.  So, slow down and think before you speak.
  • This may sound cliché, but just walk away!
  • Think about how ridiculous it is to allow such a small part of your body to bully you.  Stand up to the bully, (your tongue) and take charge, by closing your mouth and thinking clearly.
  • Remember no apology or act of forgiveness can really erase a lethal tongue lashing.  It won’t ever be erased from the person’s mind, and simply put, it’s there forever, and the “forgive and forget” theory only extends to forgiving, the forgetting part is a fallacy.
  • Practicing self-control and resolution is the only option for any situation, even if it means walking away, and re-engaging at another time once you have collected yourself. It’s worth the value of your relationships, reputation, growth and development, and in some cases, your safety.



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