Can you fly without Wings? (7 tips on gaining life’s momentum)

Can you fly without Wings? (7 tips on gaining life’s momentum)

Have you ever wondered why Eagles are known for their beautiful and strong wings?  Why it appears they are unstoppable and fierce hunters?  Well that’s the story we have been told, and simply put, the Eagle has an impeccable reputation for flying above the storm, instead of being tossed about by the wind and rains.  Eagles actually have been studied for years, and there is documented proof that Eagles fly into the storm, using the winds to gain altitude, to propel them above the storm.  What is pertinent to this metaphoric story is that Eagles live perpetually in Power-Mode, not Defense-Mode.  They are warriors and the best at it. There are fundamentally sound, with laser precision. Let’s take a look at the Eagles innate and instinctive behavior that we can emulate.

•    Eagles have very keen vision.  Use your vision to stay focused, and don’t be derailed by obstacles.
•    Eagles are almost always seen flying at high altitudes.  Fly with other Eagles, not Buzzards.
•    Eagles don’t eat dead prey like some other birds, they leave those scraps for Buzzards and Vultures. Don’t settle for less when you are entitled to more.
•    Eagles are known to test the waters, by dropping sticks or twigs into the air from high altitudes to prove that the potential mate is a capable hunter. You don’t have to settle for just being in a relationship, but a vital and necessary part of a valuable and authentic relationship. Remember, Buzzards don’t make good mates.
•    Eagles are a protected species, and would rather fly alone, than with other birds. This relates to utilizing your time wisely (IE: quality people), remembering that your association causes you to assimilate.  “You are the average of the five people who you spend time with” (Shawn Dill). Tap into your inner strength, and fight for what you want.  Nothing will be easy, and very few people get the silver spoon effect.
•    Eagles make their nest at high altitudes, where they are less likely to be attacked by predators. Think big!  Your Attitude determines your Altitude!

•    Eagles are among the most respected and admired birds.  Not because they are beautiful (although they are) but because they have a proven track record of being the fiercest hunters, and the most successful survivors amongst its peers.  In order to soar like Eagles, you must sharpen your life skills, pluck out the old and brittle feathers, in preparation for your new ones. You cannot succeed with weak and deficient wings; Sentence your painful past to “Death Row”.  Educate yourself, research, study, and apply valuable instruction that possess virtue. Find a friend that is an Eagle (or at least an Eagle in training). Eagles build their nest starting with very little, such as twigs, branches, moss, grass, and other earth matter, and only nest in the highest possible locations, to prepare for the birth of the great Baby Eagles. It’s okay to start small, but just like Eagles, never build low.  Remember, your wingspan determines how high you fly, So go for it! It’s perfectly okay to grow your wings on the way down.

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