Who is that Daunting Image that you see in your Mirror?

Who is that Daunting Image that you see in your Mirror?

Looking into the mirror of life can be very scary.  It forces you to take a long and honest look at who you are as a person.  Looking in the mirror on the wall, however, is your alone time.  No one else is present, you can talk to the person in the mirror, and can be assured that your secret will be safe.  You can scream and cry, and still your secret is safe. You can tell the person in the mirror how insecure you are, and that you secretly wish you looked like your best friend.  What about “mirror-mirror” on the wall, who’s the biggest failure of them all? Most of us have had those moments when we tell ourselves that we have failed. When looking in the mirror, “be very careful“. While the mirror does reflect what it sees, it also exaggerates what it sees. It expands the image, making the flaws and defects so much more pronounced, apparent, glaring, and sometimes just downright scary.

mirror warning

Just like the physical mirror on the wall, “The Real Mirror of Life” is just as pressing, daunting, intimidating; Revealing the constant impression that your flaws, weaknesses, and deficiencies are a nail in your coffin, and that you are just not good enough.  Remember, everyone has deficiencies, which are simply reminders that we are a work in progress. Not a failure. The truth is the only real nail in our coffin is hating the image in the mirror, letting the image force you to look away, and not keeping the mirror clean so that you can really, really see the beautiful, capable, and talented person that you are. Remember everyone is different, and so are your gifts and talents.  So the next time that you look in the mirror on the wall try this… Mirror-Mirror on the wall, thanks for reminding me that my beautiful imperfections are just what I need to be human, to remain humble, kind, genuine and undeniably beautiful.  I am innovative, veracious and on point!  Thanks mirror for exaggerating what I see, “ME”


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