Month: July 2017

Welcome to Masterful Monday!

Masterful ~ the ability to be powerful, and skillful while taking command. Being Masterful on Monday is what you need to be impactful. It's how you impose your will on the dreaded day back to work, by refusing to let the Monday morning blues abduct your masterpiece. Think about your potential, and what you need … Continue reading Welcome to Masterful Monday!

Your Journey to tomorrow!

Your Journey to tomorrow!

  Just thinking positively about your approach to tomorrow clears your mind of unnecessary stresses and frustrations. Instead of allowing the dreaded Wednesday blues to become your captive audience, think about the opportunities that Thursday and Friday possess. It's pretty easy actually since the body responds to your mind's character. Practicing the mechanics of building mental … Continue reading Your Journey to tomorrow!

Democrats vs Republicans, is your political party affiliation worth the demise of your relationships?

Democrats today say the donkey is smart and brave, while Republicans say the elephant is strong and dignified. Albeit, both can be true, the resulting damage of having to choose can be detrimental to relationships, business associates, and basic respect between party affiliates. The world is in an uproar and split because of political party … Continue reading Democrats vs Republicans, is your political party affiliation worth the demise of your relationships?

Impact Thursday!

Friday doesn't mean you stop working, it means that you stop working at work, only to continue building your own dynasty.  Timing out means the clock starts over, so take short breaks instead, and use your free time to enhance your own greatness!  

Life Passes Quickly, It’s Your Move!

Remember your Parents or Grandparents saying “looks like that was just yesterday”? That is not just a figure of speech.  Life moves quickly like a 50-yard dash, although it can sometimes feel like a marathon when it has no direction. How you approach your life, determines your destiny, and your destiny determines your legacy. Waiting abstracts the … Continue reading Life Passes Quickly, It’s Your Move!