Mind Digest – The Real Deal about who is actually in charge of your mind.  (Tips)

Mind Digest – The Real Deal about who is actually in charge of your mind. (Tips)

Did you know that your mind is the greatest and most powerful tool available to you? Although the mind is not officially considered one of the “senses”, it should be called the Mother of all senses.  Scientists have established through years of research, that the brain uses more energy than any other organ. Scientists can measure neurons, or nerve cells, and how they receive and send signals, but no one has been able to completely quantify the mind. It’s that powerful! Our mind determines if we power through life’s challenges, or if we quit. The mind can also be your tracking success organ that keeps you from being stagnant or the organ that remains in “test’ mode for ever, without one single launch. Because your brain is the head of the body, it controls everything, including what you think, how long, and if the thoughts get to remain active and alive. The mind can also determine if it should shut down, dispel, or abandon good or bad thoughts.



The mind is where successes come to live or die, and where confidence is nurtured or rejected.  The most powerful aspect of the mind is that it is like a computer, and when necessary, can be reprogrammed, including modifying its source of power. The mind is also capable of telling the body what to do and how. Because the mind is so powerful, it is reported that it processes between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day. That means that approximately 40 thoughts per minute, per person, is filtered through the mind, amazing right?  This could mean not only thoughts but feelings, as well.  Did you know that some experts believe that you have approximately 5 seconds to decide how you want to act on a thought before your mind kills the thought?  Of course, the thought might be lingering around somewhere in the back of your mind, but the mind manages itself the best when you act with the quick-witted motion to embrace positive thoughts right away; Clothing them in confidence and vision.  So now that we have been reminded of how powerful our minds are,  let’s review the list of those thoughts that are perpetually impactful to your life successes, and those thoughts that have a legal right to take up residence in your brain.


  • Put your brain in time-out from negative thoughts.
  • Envision yourself succeeding.
  • Learn the skill of building confidence (tell your mind everyday who is in charge).
  • Don’t wait for affirmation, it might never come.
  • Use your brain, not your heart when deciding what and who are toxic to your mind.
  • Quitting is never an option. Tell yourself that daily.
  • Feed your mind positive, organic, and beneficial thoughts daily.
  • Serve an eviction notice on any thoughts of failure and inadequacy.
  • Keep your circle full of others who think like you.
  • Abandon hesitation, it is failure’s Cousin.
  • Read inspirational messages daily, out loud so that your mind hears and complies.
  • Don’t let your mind stray or tell your body it is tired. Time is Money!


“You  have to win in your mind, before you can win in your life” (John Addison)




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