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Does my Teenage Daughter really hate me?

This is powerful!!

Discovering Prudence


Mother – Daughter relationships are by far the most unique, and thus the most vulnerable, especially during teenage years.

When girls are younger, they look up to their Mothers, wanting to dress, act, and simply put be like them when they grow up.  Then life happens…. the daughter matures, changes her friend group, get a boyfriend, etc., and demands her personal space. The Mother, on the other hand, is working hard in the background, seeking to give her daughter one last final crash course in life, hoping to help her avoid the not-so-nice, life pitfalls.  The Mother is stressing over what she did at that age, what detrimental experiences the world has to offer, and among many other things, the dreaded “What if”.  This relationship can end on a collision course of Mother VS Daughter.

Fights, slammed doors, privileges being taken, and possibly the worse of all, a breach of trust, and relationship…

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