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Democrats vs Republicans, is your political party affiliation worth the demise of your relationships?

Discovering Prudence

demoand rup

Democrats today say the donkey is smart and brave, while Republicans say the elephant is strong and dignified. Albeit, both can be true, the resulting damage of having to choose can be detrimental to relationships, business associates, and basic respect between party affiliates. The world is in an uproar and split because of political party differences. As a nation, we have to begin to put some perspective to this controversy. One very simple path that can be explored is to come to a mutual respect that there are very obvious and distinct differences between parties, and it is unlikely that will ever change. Another is to look deeply into how the differences complement each other while understanding that too much of any one thing can be unprofitable, and unhealthy. We eat and enjoy food because we have learned the importance of the essential nutrients, and of course the taste that…

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